Saturday 22 January 2022

40mm 60th Rifles Complete

These were the first of my 40mm units finished, the 60th Rifles were an obvious choice for me. Rifles are an iconic unit for Peninsualr and the 60th much more colourful than the 95th.

So with all of these guys painted I set up a little photo shoot in the bedroom. Nothing fancy, towels, a church and some trees. I may make a bit more effort next time. French and Spanish to follow, first up 60th Rifles

Three six man units each with a commander so 21 figures for gaming. I picked a bunch up cheap figures mainly standing firing so you will see in later images that I have spares that will need to go at some point.
These are organised for Sharp Practice so skirmishers in units if six with a leader. This unit has the Officer as their leader and a mix of trouser colours.
This second Group has a bugler as their leader, I have used quite a bit of the regulation blue trousers as they go really well with the colour scheme and then just a few browns and greys thrown in.

The third unit has a Seargent with fixed sword bayonet to lead them, again slight mix of trousr colours.
Lastly those I will use with the 9 "spares" that will probably be sold. Not a fan of lots of the same figure and three units is plenty to represent a company of rifles.
I have also based the first comanders for the rest of my British troops, the Seargent and redcoat officer are for the 88th Connaught Rangers and I have a lot more of these guys to do. The Rifles officer is 95th and I have enough unpainted rifles for a single unit of these guys to give me added flexinbility in games.
The seargent is the only figure from this lot not to be from Perry Miniatures and is a Sash and Sabre figure adding welcome variety to the figures.
More to come from this photo shoot and creeping closer to enough for a small game in the near future.


  1. Great work and great choice ...I have invariably painted the 95th whenever I do Napoleonic riflemen! My gaming buddy Julian and I have just started trying to familiarise ourselves with Sharpe Practice again and having great fun doing so.

    1. Cheers and best of luck, I think they are a crackign set of rules.

  2. They look superb, cracking job...and beautiful pictures!

  3. I knew, that the final effect will be amazing and wasn't wrong. It is amazing. Love your set-up for the photos. Grey towel for the base mat! I have to try it by myself, especially for the bigger units and armies pictures. What lamps are you using?

    1. Cheers Bartek, the lamps were pretty cheap from Amazon, Ken from Yarkshire Gamer did a review of them aout ayear ago you can see it on his blog which I have on here soemwhere. Made by Neewer

  4. That's a great scenario you've set up there. I like how you have shown the set up as well before the shots. Excellent stuff as always.