Friday 3 December 2021

Progress with French and Spanish 40mm Peninsular Troops

 Continueing to focus on the 40mm Project, I wanted to finish off some French and give myself a couple of units of Skirmishers.

These six take me to two units of Skirmishers each with a leader, 14 figures. So with 3 completed skirmish units for the British and one of Guerilla's almost complete I feel I can start painting some line troops next.

Firstly two more in sleeved waistoats, this time I have gone the proper persil white so there will be some contrast in colours for this garment, I like how the dark khaki trousers have come out as well.

The left shako with the neck flap down looks particularly nice I think. 
Two more in habit, again slight mix of trouser colours adding to that campaign look. Grey and Olive drab in this case.
The left hand figure is a bit of a conversion to add some variety to the figures. I have also tried to give the shako covers a bit of variety.
The officer in the next lot is wearing the surtout and purposely has quite dark trousers and shako cover so he contrasts with his men. The loading chap another conversion (not by me) adding a greatcoat to a sleeved waistcoat and changing the shape of the trousers,
Once I base them I will stick them together in a picture so you can see the overall effect of this variety of colours.

The Spanish are now starting to take shape and will probably be the first unit of line I finish, I may go for a Group of 8 of each nationality to start with. 

I decided that one of the Irish regiments would be a great way to go, this is the 37th Hibernia. I love the colour scheme.
There are three different marching figures, each one coming with 4 different heads so giving a fair degree of variety, when I get into the 10 man packs there is also some great variety with some of the figures which is great although this doesnt extend to the British and French.

This first figure is a "recruit in fatigues and breeches with sandals" they come with four different heads all with bonnet de Police, I will of course be mixing in plenty of bicornes too. The figure on the right has short gaiters the other 9 all have sandals. We will explore the variety in the packs as I get more painted as its quite useful particularly in this pack.
Next two figures in Uniform coatee the left hand chap has overall trousers the right again has breeches and sandals. These guys both come with 4 different bicorne heads but again I am mixing the Bonnet De Police in for extra variety.
I will of course be painting a decent array of trouser colours to keep the campaign look going and again both of these chaps have some variety in the packs, especially the figure in breeches. 

The monk brings my Guerilla's to 6 so one more as a leader will give me a unit of Skirmishers.

So a bit more decent progress I think, hopefully more line troops to follow.



  1. Looking great a lovely collection 👍

    1. Cheers Matt, steady progress. May even have enough to base a unit up next week.

  2. They’re terrific Roj. Great work

  3. Great work Roger, what make are the miniatures?

    1. Ian so far everything I have painted is Perry Miniatures,I am just painting some Sash and Sabre British as well for variet

  4. Fabulous figures expertly painted; a delight to view.
    Regards, James