Monday 26 October 2020

Sikh Regular Foot No 5

So this is battalion number five for the Sikh regulars, as I am generally doing them in regiments of two battalIons I will have another one to match this at some point. The lighting is not as good with these as I took these a little wile ago before I got the new lights.

I like the mix of colours with this unit, the red-pink turban I think works really well, its a little more subdued than some of the other units I have done, but still nice and bright.
A recent discussion has put some significant doubt on the accuracy of the flags, a shame as this is a paricularly pretty one. Latest discussion suggests that all the regulars had the same flag, triangular red and gold "Rajas colour" Studio miniatures do one which is apparantly about right, however they come on two flag sheets with ones that are probably not correct. So for now its a case of use the ones I have and if we get correct ones in future I can decide if I want to replace them.
The figures are a mix of Wargames Foundry and Old Glory, I am not an Old Glory fan generally but the Sikh Wars is one of their better ranges and they fit in with Foundry quite nicely.
I have already made a little start on the next battalion of this regiment, 3 Studio miniatures troopers marching. They look quite nice, each brigade will typically be 2 regiments of two identical paired battalions, which I think will look well.

Being back in lockdown here in Bradford its likely still some months off having a game but at least we will have plenty for a nice Sikh Wars battle.
Hope you like them, plenty more of this collection on the way when I ma finally allowed to pick them back up from the basing department in York. Stay safe.