Thursday 15 October 2020

The Zambureks & others based for Sikh Wars

 Back from the basing department a bunch more stuff for the Sikh Wars. Again a mix of Mobile phone pictures and tablet.

Firstly three Zamburek Camel guns mainly with Afghan crews to represent Muslim hill tribes.

Gunners are all Wargames Foundry, mainly Afghans with an Indian Mutiny chief and a Sikh Gunner on the middle gun.

We then have  a command base of Sikh Irregulars, three Foundry figures with a plastic Wargames Atlantic Afghan jezailchi sporting a Black Powder Sikh head, I think it mixes quite well.

Then the Bengal European Light Infantry skirmish screen, minor conversion work on the bell top shakoe's, Just trimming off the detail and pompoms then painting it white like a tight fitting cover. I have enough to do a full unit of these too when I get around to them. Wargames Foundry Opium War figures.

I am still experimenting with cameras so here are a bunch more pictures using the mobile phone, much better colour and clarity.

So there you go, the collection continues to head in the right direction, it should look pretty impressive when we finally get it all on table.



  1. They all look fabulous Roj. Latter photos are definitely better :-) Chris

    1. Yep, phone camera is definately the way to go.

  2. Gotta be the best looking camels around :-P

  3. Nice work and some very smart little conversions 👍

  4. Superb units, these camels are just wonderful...