Friday 3 July 2020

Sikh Wars Workbench

Inspired by figures coming back from the basing department I have cracked on with more figures for the Sikh Wars project.

I also decided to experiment wiht the potography doing some outside which didnt work well, I have included them anyway.

The first shot is of all 13 figures, in full sun, partial shade and inside with a daylight bulb.

I think irs fair to say that I may not bother with the outdoor photography in future.

Next I have 4 more sepoys for the next battalion, a mix of Foundry and Iron Duke.

Adding to the first base of 4 Sikhs for this regiment which came back a few days ago, here are the command for the same battalion,  I shall probably be cracking on with finishing off afew more of these this week. Particularly pleased with the flag.

Lastly are the irregulars, 4 of the Wargames Atlantic plastic Afghans, one with a Sikh Head and then one Foundry Muslim irregular sordsman.
The kneeling figure I dont like at all here, but the charging figure looks nice and the standing firing is probably the best pose I have found so far with the arms firing the jezail.
This plastic figure with a Sikh head actually works quite well despite the sunlight washing out most of the detail. These are WWII plastic heads, enough for 16 figures, possibly give me two units when I mix in a bunch of metals.

Then the Foundry sowrdsman, again the sunlight has done this figure no favours.
The whole lot look much better inside wiht the dayight bulb with the possible exception of the kneeling figure who still doesnt look great.
So I managed to paint a few more beofre I posted this so heres a few snaps of the rest. .
These Sikhs bring this battalion pretty near completion, just 6 to go. You can see the difference in the quality of the sculpts here between foundry and Old Glory but they still mix together OK.
Two Old Glory Sikh Irregulars courtesy of Colin thank you sir. Will mix these with Foundry and a few plastic Afghans with Sikh heads.
These guys I think I will mix in with the Muslim Irregulars, old Foundry Mutiny figures but still nice.
Lastly three more plastic Afghans, experimenting with different combinations. The middle figure works well despite having what looks like a rastafarian turban.
There you go lots of progress for this project just now, when we eventually get to game again should have a decent collection on table.


  1. You are making great progress and your results are super! I agree, skip the outside, daylight photos next time.

    1. Hahah I agree Jonathan, the Pancerni were done outside and came out OK but its too unreliable. Inside next time for sure.

  2. Going great guns. Hope you're not suffering from too much painting. I still don't like the Wargames Atlantic figures but appreciate that they'll be rear rank types and not stand out once they're based in a unit. Take it easy, Chris

    1. Cheers Chris, I do need to be a bit careful not to overdo, always a struggle for me as you know I have no patience. I am likely to paint all the Wargames Atalantic figures and then sell the ones I dont like. Some are definately nicer than others and will mix in as you say at the rear.