Wednesday 8 July 2020

Even More Sikh Wars off the Workbench

I have been quite focused on this project for the last few weeks and its allowed me to make a bit of progress. A bunch more winging their way to the basing department today, she is popping over with the easing of lockdown so may even have some completed units to bring back for me. In the meantime here is the latest progress.

These two will be the start of the 1st Bengal European Light Infantry, Foundry Opium War British figures, I have trimmed off the pompom and the shako badges and then just painted it with a white cover, I think this works. Its not en exact uniform match but near enough. No doubt once I have painted the unit Mike Snook from Iron Duke will have some released and I will kick myself. Still these do look quite nice.

These two chaps will be gun commanders for a little project I am doing, I have an idea for Zamberek Camel guns, more on that in another post.
These afghans are Studio Miniatures, slightly wooden in my opinion but very easy to paint, they will mix in with the others I have quite well. I have about 10 of these to mix in.
A couple more of theWargames Atlantic figures, the one on the left probably my least favourite of the figures, the one on the right has a Sikh plastic head added and looks OK.
I have finally finished off the last of the 24th Bengal Native Infantry, I dont like painting white to be honest but I think these guys look great with the white caps, trousers and facings, once based the persil white should pop. A mix of Foundry (both mutiny and Sikh Wars) and Iron Duke with a Perry officer.
And here they all are together. Decent progress and hopefully meaning we are nearer to a decent sized game when we can go back to gaming later this year.
I will probably have a rest from painting updates for a week or so, I have pretty much caught up with what I have painted via the posts and I fancy sharing my last battle report sat in drafts from March for an  opportunity to be shared, I may do that next as a change.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great stuff mate. The 24th look super. I've the 12th BNI ahead of me so should look similar. A game report?! How exciting :-) Chris

    1. I think the readers need a break from workbench pictures of the same figures so the last AAR saved for a rainy day is on its way, its been rainign cats and dogs after all.

  2. Excellent looking figures Roger.