Wednesday 13 May 2020

Minor Conversions for the Deluge Poles and Cossacks

Inspired by some fantastic conversions I have seen on Facebook over recent Weeks I thought I might individualise my forces a bit and also add some variety mainly through the judicial use of interesting plastic figures.

The first step has been using a variety of metal heads on the more obtuse of the metal figures. The below figure is an unknown, the head an Old Glory Cossack, cast onto the other models on its side so the cap is upright but the head itself at a really odd angle I wanted to see if it looked better put on straight, I think it does.
This chap with the bardish axe had a very ugly head, I have cut it away, drilled the neck out and slotted in this very nice Kings Mountain head, this is from a pack with recoon skin hats and the racoon tail has been removed to make it a bit more Eastern European.
This pose does look slightly dodgy to me but the Perry retreat from Moscow head is quite nice so may rescue it when we come to painting.
I also picked up a sprue of Frostgrave figures, I saw the bodies and thought the baggy trousers and loose shirts were ideal for Cossacks, now the weapons are generally oversized but agin may look OK once painted and mixed with other figures, this is the same Retreat from Moscow head as above.
Another Kings Mountain head pressed into service here, the rest of the figure is all Frostgrave.
This chap I will make my mind up about when he is finished, a lovely figure, I have used a Warlord Landsnecht head with a steel helm and a double handed axe which is near enough Bardish to possibly work. the neck scarf looks out but again will decide when its painted if I keep it or sell it on.
This chap has the body of a Gripping Beast muslim foot soldier with the head and flagpole arm from the Fireforge mongol light cavalry plastic sprue. The bald head will need a scalp lock to make it a bit more Cossack.
I love this guys head, the arms are from the Gripping beast muslim light cavalry sprue but the rest is Frostgrave, again the neck scarf I am less sure about and he will need a scalplock adding.
This chap has a Warlord games musket and arms added from the ECW sprues, with the addition of a scalplock he should look just fine.

And here is the same figure with a bit of green stuff to add a scalplock as I had it out to do some work on the Kings Mountain heads. The others with bald heads also now have a little scalp lock too.
To try and tie these to Eastern Europe a little more I have added some green stuff cloth bags to some of the figures and trimmed away some of the coon skin tails. Moustaches are far too fiddle but I gave one a go, see what it looks like once painted.

Polish Dragoons are one of the units I am keen to work on, I decided a mix of thirty years war or ECW dragoons in boots with Warlords Croat light cavalry would do the trick. My Dragoons from Horcata Miniatures in the Czech republic are on their way but the Warlord Croats are here, they come with seperate heads so I have used some of them coupled with Kings mountain heads.
This first dragoon has a Kings Mountain head and Warfare miniatures pistol holding arm, I like this one quite a lot.
This next one has a clean shaven Kings Mountain head and an ECW rested sword arm.
The commander and standard bearer sport original Warlord Croat heads and arms, I didnt want to use too may in this braided jacket as the foot figures will all be in plain jackets. My Officer for the dismounted unit may sport a Western Eureopean floppy hat and so this mounted version may still get swapped.
Lastly for the Dragoons this Essex Polish Dragoon mounted on an Ebor horse fits in really well with the other figures and is actually exactly what its supposed to be.
These last two Craots will form part of my Polish light cavalry unit, probably used as Noble Levy, the left hand figure has a removed Essex Polish Dragoon head and the one on the right a bare headed Redoubt ECW head.
These next three I particularly enjoyed, they are made from Gripping Beast muslim light cavalry for the crusades.
The sprue has three horses, three bottom halves with long coat tails and boots and a choice of 6 torsoes, three have braided chests and three have crossed over coats, the braided ones are ideal for Poles in particular. This figure I twisted slightly to one side and gave him a Warlord Croats arm with hammer and head. Really like this, he looks like he is tring to do someone a serious mischief.

This next figure is all Gripping Beast with the exception of the Essex Polish head glued on and an empty metal scabbard I pressed into service.

Lastly again all Gripping Beast, the bald head with scalplock is perfect for Cossack troops and the addition of a Warlord Croat arm with Pistol brings him into the 17th century. The gap at the shoulder will need some green stuff to tidy it up.
This is definately my favourite of all the figures, leaning back he really looks like he is taking careful aim at some unlucky person.
A bit of greenstuff and he looks just fine. I have yet to decide if I keep the same horses for them, they are lovely but may suit my Sikh Wars cavalry better. I will decide after they are painted I think.
Had a lot of fun with these today and may even pick up some more of the Gripping Beast cavalry, but for now I am keen to see what they look like when they are painted.


  1. Especially like the conversions using the Arab bodies. Good work Roj. Cheers, Chris

    1. I would probably have used Essex for the unit of dragoons.Hope that doesn't mean I'm a bad person

    2. Cheers Chris, I do like the arab light horse.

    3. The Essex Dragoon is nice but the dismounted ones are far too small, yes you are a bad person!

  2. Haha judgement has been passed

  3. Brilliant conversions. I love mixing together like this too. Those Arab light cavalry look to be brilliant donor figures. (I am very disappointed by the Warlord Croat horses and have avoided using them.) Lots of useful ideas here. 👍🏻

    1. Cheers, the Croat horses work because I am doing Dragoons so nags are perfect rather than chunky horses.

  4. Roger - one of the few people who sees a box of medieval Muslim warriors and thinks they'll make great Cossacks! What a vision and insight you have.

    1. Too kind Paul, I saw a chap converting ECW plastics and thought I bet there are other ranges you could do that with. Wish I had thought of it sooner, Would have done a lot more of them I think.