Thursday 25 October 2018

An Eclectic Workbench Update

So I am having fun with painting just now rather than focusing on a particular project. It has the advantage of allowing me to finish off odd half painted figures and still let me feel like I am achieving something.

As you can see the mix of projects is as about as eclectic as it gets.

Wars of the Rose men at arms. Both foot and mounted, always wanted to do some of these in the full plate white armour since I watched Excalibur years ago. Forgive the blury first image. These are lovely scults and simple to paint being nearly all steel. Plenty more of these to do but for now happy just to enjoy painting them. Couple of choices in terms of gaming. I can either build a small Lion Rampant force for skirmish type games or I can join Kens "The Yarkshire Gamers" latest venture and do a contingent for the italian wars. I can always decide after I have painted a few more I suppose.
Another of the Studio Siberia Cossacks, this will be the first of the Shkiro's wolves unit. 7 more to paint for this unit to be done. Quite a different style of sculpt but they fit well with Copplestone.
An irregular horseman for my stalled Sikh Wars Project. I am not too worried about the project it will get going again when other projects near completion, it was always goign to be long term.
Just to confirm that I have not forgotten about the Swedes, here is the officer for one of my last two units, probably be for the Sodra Skanska regiment.
This Gallowglass is the latest addition to my Elizabethan Irish range, I think this will give me 9 so 3 more is the first Irish unit finished.
An FT17 speed painted to get it on the table for our recent Russian Civil War game, happy with how this has come out despite using a load of wet and druy brushing techniques to get it done quickly.
One of the Plastic Warlord guns for the potential late 17th century project we are looking at. I will do another in red but this one in plain wood makes it much more generic for use in various armies across the period. Shame about the mould line.

Before I got around to posting this I had a few more bits of the workbench to share too. These Saxon Dragoons leave me over half finished for the Kurprinz regiment for the Great Northern War Saxon army.
Another irregular for the Sikh Wars, this is a Perry Afghan who will become a Muslim Hill Tribes horseman in terms of the Sikh forces.
I have even managed to paint something for the retreat from Moscow project, this Russian officer will be a command figure for one of the Genadier units, ideally for use in both Sharp Practice and Black Powder games. I have a few more Russkies on the workbench to follow soon.
These three Russian infantrymen will allow me to finish my first company of 8 Grenadiers for the retreat from Moscow project. Lots more to do on this but I am happy to paint the odd figure as the fancy takes me. At some point I will decide to make a serious effort with this again and anything I paint now will just give me a headstart.
This Bolshevik infantryman is quite nice with his belt of ammo and red hat ribbon, another Studio Siberia creation I have painted hisi uniform slightly different colours too so the next unit can be  a little less regular.
On the table being finished off as we speak is a further Russian Grenadier, a White Russian officer and a handful of Irish Kern. I have made a wee start on the next unit of Swedish dragoons but I dont feel any pressure to really push on with these just yet. I think the Irish will be my focus for the next week or so. I have a week off prior to Fiasco so may get a few of the Kern and Gallglsss finished to clear the decks for the new Perry figures. The next game might encourage me in one direction or another as far as the Great Northern War stuff is concerned.

And just as I was about to post I thought I might give you a sneak preview of the Irish coming off the workbench, Should be passing these to the basing department soon and have  aproper post with lots of pictures to share.

Thanks for reading. See you again soon.


  1. So many periods and so many beautiful minis, well done!

  2. Some great looking figures and quite a mix

    1. This is what happens when I release the inner butterfly Neil.

  3. The butterfly is strong with this one...

    An impressive mix Roger...

    All the best. Aly