Friday, 1 June 2018

More Sikh Wars off the Workbench

So I have finished a few more troops for the Sikh Wars. Again concentrating on the irregular foot for the Sikhs and Irregular horse for the Company forces.

As with the last lot I am batch painting with limited palets which works well. The turban on the right is done with the brown grey I use for greatcoats, another colour I really like for these subdued colours.

I picked up this colour fog grey at Partizan and quite like the washed out effect it had.

The swordsman in blue with the red turban is going with a Sikh unit, I just painted him at the same time to make use of the colours I had out.

The Jezailchi on the roof to the left is an old glory figure, not 100% I will use him, even on a slanted roof he topples forward and looks a bit odd. He might  mix in on a base though.
The last 4 of the Irregular Bengal Cavalry now finished, complete with lances. These have come out quite well, ready to be passed to the basing department now.

So thats the Irregular Cavalry done and just four more Hill Tribes to finish a further unit., if I can crack on with some British and Sepoy foot I may not be a million miles away from a small (very small) game.

Must get some elephants at some point!