Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Terrain, Trees and Basing for 1812 Retreat from Moscow

As my enthusiasm gets the better of me I am buying up bits and pieces for the 1812 project, with limited painting time due to the stomach injury this can be a little dangerous. I wanted to explore a few things in this post with terrain and basing being the main features.

Working from home today and a knock at the door at 10am the postman gave me a veritable armful of boxes. How exciting!
First box is a mixed set of basing material and trees. The trees are bare frozen deciduous they look great but are very delicate. The icy tufts will work well and the snow flock looks particularly good. The sand I will probably use as scatter for the buildings so I dont have to use them as winter buildings only. Not sure ice chunks will be useful but lets see.
Next box is two sets of snow covered pines from warpainter, now the see I really like.
The deciduous tree fits from a size point of view.
The next box is of prussian landwher warlord plastics picked up on ebay. Now these are my least favourite of the new arrivals seeming a bit wooden. They have two boxes andi am left feeling I picked up the wrong one. The Landwher are perfect for Russian militia as The Prussians copied this practical uniform from the Russians. I may however stick with the foundry ones I already have.
Next box is more  warpainter trees larger ones this time exceptionally well packed and again great models. I just ordered a load.more.
Here you go the whole lot together.
On the painting table you can see more 1812 figures. Including one of marbots sleds.

And on thepre bench a pile more figures and packs of Foundry Russians iin greatcoats.
And the rest that need priming.
So megolaman setting in and lots happening.

Next I need to look at the  base terrian. Mats are the prefered option currently but lets see what we get from that.

So watch this space.


  1. Nothing like entering a new project slowly is there :)

  2. Lovely trees, the atmosphere is just perfect!

  3. Might as well go all in on a new project. Nice purchases. The winter trees on bases are especially nice.

  4. Rogerthe Retreat from Moscow has a lot of potential for wargaming. I ran a game for this last year and it wa a huge amount of fun. See the post about it here: http://stracmark.blogspot.co.nz/2017/10/tarawera-week-day-five-last-day.html

  5. Mark thats a cracking looking game and just the sort of thing I plan to re-create thanks for sharing.