Thursday 22 March 2018

Even More Gear for 1812

I think my postman is not my friend anymore, he has been kept fairly busy again this week

This lot turned up this morning
The first box is from Black Hussar and has some lovely quirky pieces. A sled gun, wagon wheels with skis roped on, a large sled with room for 3 figures inside. Brilliant stuff, on the down side whilst I was waiting for this to arrive I found it all second hand much cheaper and had 2 sled guns donated! 
Two more boxes of the fantastic Warpainter snowy trees. I do like these.
And a box of 15 snowy pines from China, these need some more work but were exceptionally cheap so a good buy really. These are again an Ebay purchase.
Chum Chris Flowers kindly donated some figures including these two Cossack sled guns painted and based by chum Jerry Miller (see his site here dont be offended gents I will make some slight amendments to these to make them mine despite how lovely they are.
I was then put in touch with fellow wargamer Mike who is selling his Retreat from Moscow collection. Although I wont be buying painted figures Mike had loads of unpainted lead left over so we agreed a price and I travelled over to the nicer end of Yorkshire to pick them up. His painted collection of figures is awesome with some lovely conversions in. Anyone wants putting in touch drop me a line.
Finally we made a quick visit to Ebor Miniatures so Mark and I could pick up some mounted and dis-mounted Dragoons for the Great Northern War project. Nick was as enthusiastic as even and showing us the newly cast battle honours 15's he has picked up. He also has some British Heavy Brigade for Crimea and mounted WSS Bavarian Grenadiers amongst others. 

Mike kindly donated 2 French light guns and below is another shot of those Cossack Sled guns. Thanks Mike and Chris.
So the lead mountain grows as does my bout of megalomania.

I want to have a look at how I am going to approach the basing next to facilitate both Black Powder and Sharp Practice.

See you soon.


  1. All exciting stuff there Roger. you're a lucky man.

  2. Cheers Paul, I just need to paint it all now