Monday, 20 November 2017

Rapid Fire French AAR Part 2 1960's or a Theroux Thrashing

So we played the second of our games today across the same terrain with virtually no changes. The only additions a small factory and a radar station on a hill. As a couple of players did not show each side had a battalion taken out of their army, this did leave the French in particular spread pretty thin.

Rules were Rapid Fire with appropriate modern amends and scale was 20mm again.

John commanded the Russians, having commanded the Germans on Friday, whilst I was CinC for the French again.

The French defended the same terrain but with a different force available. The French order of Battle as follows:

Brigade HQ
Anti-Tank Company 2 x AMX 13/105
4 x spot mines
Anti Aircraft Company
Artillery Battery 2 x AMX105 SPG
Artillery Battery 2 x 155mm F3 SPG
2 Mechanised Infantry Battalions
Armoured Regiment
5 x M47
1 X AMX 13/105
3 x AMX 30
Air support on anything but a 8/9/0 on a D10

The Russian force was as follows:

Brigade HQ including anti aircraft
anti tank company 2 x BDRM with sagger
3 x Guards Elite motor battalions
Rocket Battery 2 x Katyushka
Self Propelled artillery battery 2 x ISU 152K
Artillery Battery 2 x 152mm Howitzers
Guards Tanks Brigade Elite:
14 x T55
 6 x T62
Air support each turn on anything but a 6 on a D6

In broad terms then the French had two battalions against 3 Russian and 11 tanks against 20 tanks. The Russians were mainly Elite and the French all regulars.

The French deployed in a not dis-similar manner to the 1940 game but with less available opted to leave their right flank almost undefended. The Russians were given three objectives, the two roads leading away from their entry table edge and the radar station. As we had fewer troops available we opted to be strong in the middle and hoped to leave enough on the left to slow the Russians down. A forlorn hope as it turned out.

We planted half a battalion in the town with the other half behind it in the hills supported by 5 of our tanks. The left had two tanks and a company up front with three more companies and two tanks behind. The right flank had just one company and two tanks.

The game started with the Russians massing on either flank and leaving a token force in front of the small town to pin the garrison, This included a gun battery and OP team who immediately spotted one house and dropped Katyushka and artillery fire, destroying the building and half the occupants.. They moved forward quickly on the French right and we were into the fighting almost immediately. The French front line company and two M47's firing and destroying one Russian tank and heavy damaging the mine roller, their rifle fire being unable to do anything to the closed down armoured personnel carriers. In return the Russians opened up with all they had and destroyed both tanks and wiped out the company. Not a great start. On the French left the other half of their force made steady progress through the woods where we were unable to see them.

Move 2 saw the Russians continue to advance, the French second line now opened up with the 106 recoiless and two anti tank guided weapons firing but to no effect. The advance BTR rolled over a mine which did no damage at all The responding fire took out one ATGW and the recoiless. We got an aircraft but the Russians immediately shot it down. Things were really not going too well. On the left the Russians continued their un-contested advance.

Move 3 took the Russians further into the French left, they spotted the Bazooka waiting at the farm house and promptly destroyed it, the ATGW fired again causing a light damage and was in return destroyed along with the last of the infantry company. On the right the Russians rolled on, one company of tanks left the safety of the woods and Chris managed to take one out with his AMX 13/105'S sending them back into the wood.

Move 4 saw Johns Russians almost having taken the length of the left hand road. My AMX-30's had moved from the centre of the table to bolster the flank and ow opened fire destroying a armoured personnel carrier which turned out to be entirely empty. The returning fire heavy damaged one of French tanks which were only lightly armoured.  On the right Andy's Russians were finally in place and promptly destroyed both of our tanks and opened up on the infantry company. In the centre left Richard had moved to the edge of the woods ready to pounce on the remains of the French left.

Move 5 John finished off the Heavy damaged AMX 30 on the left. I reserved fire on Richards T55's and missed, his return fire taking out both of my M47's and Andy wiped out the infantry company holding the radar station. By this time it was all pretty desperate. The AMX-30's passed their morale but that was about all you could say in our favour.

Move 6 and the Russians continued to roll forward. The road and radar station were captured. The AMX-30's took out one of Johns T55's and the artillery took out one of Richards but it was all too little too late. One and half of the the two French battalions were gone and 7 of the 11 tanks were gone, in return we had destroyed 5 tanks and barely touched their infantry. The game was up, General Theroux threw in the towel and we went home.

I have to admit I did not enjoy this as much as Friday's game, to be honest though this far more to do with my awful dice than anything else. Thanks Chris for your hospitality over two full day games with some beautiful models and the to all of the players.


  1. A fantastic report on a huge and beautiful table!

    1. Thanks Phil, it is a privelage to play on Chris's table I think. We are a bit spoilt.

  2. Another great AAR, and another game that is a credit to Chris and his collection. We are indeed fortunate to game at Chris's.

    1. cheers Howard, hopefully so you guys from the dark side next time.