Monday, 9 January 2017

Portals and Pigs

With my Bronze Age force progressing nicely I need some eye candy for the table, a farm, civilians and ritual sites are a must a think so, my aim is to get something that looks and feels a bit like the below image.

So sheep is a good way to start, these are an ancient breed from Gripping beast, much browner than modern sheep.

 And if you have animals then you need somewhere to keep them
 Not quite a stone circle but a standing stone with carved rings.

 PIGS! Poor photo but I like how these have come out, again these are Gripping Beast.
 Finally a portal billed as "The Portal of Danu in her aspect as the maiden"
 Added to the round house and another roundhouse and stone circle from Chris, running the game with me and we are well on the way with eye candy to se the scene.

Nearly there with dismounted Warlords and hero's, next post though will be the first Great Northern War game play tested on Thursday.


  1. Nice touches, looking forward to seeing the game

  2. Cheers Phil more to follow.

  3. Great! nice figures are good but if you also put them on a wonderful table it's perfection.

    1. Hope to get some nice shots of the game in 4 weeks at York Dino and share them. Wondering whether I have time to get both my civilians finished and my Warrior Queen!

  4. Try to find it, the result would be great!