Sunday 29 January 2017

OLD McDonald had a Bronze Age Farm

So next weekend its Vapnartak the York Wargames show and the last of the figures for our Bronze Age SAGA game are complete.

 So here are my five civilians that will add some eye candy to the gaming table along with the animals and buildings.

Below is the Itinerant Bronze Smith laboring under the weight of his wares.
 Then we have Farmer and Mrs McDonald, nice but very simple figures these, I can see them chatting to the Bronze Smith as the pigs snuffle about the farm.

 This teen age girl is based on a bronze age outfit found on a bog body, looks like she has just gone to get some water for their guest the Bronze smith.
 And then the priestess, not much to say here to be honest.
 I had also planned to have a warrior queen to lead one of my warbands. Plenty of  stories in Irish Mythology to support this. The model is from Hassle Free and although clearly a fantasy figures the clothing is near enough to some of the evidence for me to be not too concerned. I bought two of these so I could attempt to model one onto the chariot and have her mounted and dis-mounted.
 So above is the dismounted version and below the finished version mounted in her chariot..
 Both together below. this model has a slotta base so one painted I trimmed this back just leaving a peg of metal to push into a hole drilled into the chariot. I like how it works.

 So that's the Bronze age done with for now. Loads more of them to paint but not for this game. So just to prove that I am back on it with GNW below is the fourth and last unit of Cossacks before it wings its way to the basing department.

I am dropping her back off this evening and picking up some units of finished Swedes and Cossacks so hopefully some more posts later in the week when I get the opportunity to photo in the light.
Thank you for reading and see you again soon.


  1. Wonderful figures Roger, love the chariot!

  2. Cheers Phil, little bit of a labour of love, nearly as good as I wanted it.

  3. Following your Bronze Age project with interest, great stuff!

    1. Cheers Joseph, should be a lot of pictures and after action report after next weeks show.

  4. Excellent. really like the work you've put in here.