Sunday 23 June 2024

Completed 40mm Peninsular Spanish and Hessians

Finally got complete basing on the units I have been working on. The first are these Green Faced Spanish all Perry Miniatures.

The majority of these were picked up part painted by Tony Runkee, probably part of an unfinished commission for Ian Smith. Given the issues I have had with my stomach it was a god send to have a bunch of part painted, and beautifully painted figures at that, Spanish for me to finish off. I could still make them mine with some adjustments and painting the faces but with 70-90% painted on them I didnt need to do too much to get them done. As he had only used those in coatees I added a couple of waist-coated regulars I painted from scratch to flesh them out.

I already have a mounted officer in green facings, again part painted by Tony, and this will give me 2 completed 40 man regiments in 40mm, each with 3 command figures.
I am really happy with the end result on these and the overall look of a unit on campaign. Also a big thanks to Steve Shann who helped me out with the initial basing, so I did the final layers of painting and grass's so it still matched my own basing. Cheers Steve!
Whilst working through these I also finished of my Spanish gun and crew. Two Perrys gunners compliment three First Legion gunners. These started life as French gunners but with head swaps for Spanish Bicornes I think look quite nice. I do like the gun with the fancy scroll work too.
A few more pictures of the Spanish and those lovely flags, these are I have found out by Mark Allen. Beautifully done.

Also complete are these lovely Hessians.
Another chunky 40 man unit with three leader figures. I am very pleased with how these guys came out.
These are nearly all 3d printed Piano Wargames printed for me at 40mm by Paul at Sabotag3d. I think he did a great job.
The three leaders were the first printed figures which are slightly large but work really well as individual leaders. I may add a mounted officer at some point.
A couple were printed without heads to allow them to have bonnet de police added as the right hand figure here.

I may at some point consider getting an STL file for skirmishers to add a light company, but for now that's the Hessians done.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Have enjoyed your 40mm Napoleonics, a real treat for the eyes! Superb work, they look great.

  2. Exceptional and stunning work! I'm very impressed with all your new units.

  3. These are stunning Roger, and that is a significant force FOR SP, particularly in 40mm!

    1. It certainly is, need to find some intermediate rules next.

  4. They are superb. Well done mate. And I’m sure that the Irish in Spain service you have approve of being joined by a green faced unit. Cheers, Chris

  5. I enjoyed seeing these and naturally the Spanish especially. The buildings and trees really enhance the photos. Thanks

    1. Cheers Stephen, I tend to like to get a nice background when I ahve finished something I particularly like.

  6. Lovely work indeed Roger….
    That is certainly a fine collection.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers Aly, think I just need to learn when to stop!