Saturday 23 September 2023

Workbench Update Last of the Irish

 I have finished off the last of the Irish this week alongside a few other bits and pieces, apologies for the quality of the pictures again.

This first group is Crusader Scots light horse who will happily be Irish light horse for me nice figures that dont fit quite as nicely as I would like on their horses.

Crusader Scots Thegns with Steve Barber head swaps. The flag is the Earl of Tyrone. These two will now give me 6 units of Irish Horse when based.
These Flags of War Kern are lovely, the picture does them no justice at all. To be fair I am not sure my painting does either, lots of fine detail, really impressed with the sculpts, slightly less so with my painting of them.
These Kern are all Crusader Dark Age Scots, any spares will mix straight in with my Picts I think.
Probably the best picture these are all dark age Irish from Gripping Beast and actually mix in quite well. You will notice I have revisited the O'Neil flags this time from Flags of War. The chao with horn is most likely to fins himself surrounded by semi naked guys with tattoos and square sheilds out of this lot ifI ahve spares.
This left figure is a 3d printed scots archer and the right one an Antideluvian Kern.
The large Hessian Officer here is one of the 3D prints that was slightly too large, I dont mind using these as separate command figures so expect a couple of them, but I wont be mixing them in units. The other is a Spaniard painted as a Paris Municipal Guardsman in campaign dress.
So thats the Irish painted, just a mountain of basing to do, then some more English a Company of Spanish Rodolero's and maybe some Scots Highlanders and we are ready for the game at Partizan.

Update, the Hessian Officer based and a couple of other figures for Elizabethan Ireland.
English command for one of the heavier units or maybe the sword and buckler unit? Both Redount and so is this flag.
Irish Lord with the original head left on, not my favourite but bags of character so it can stay.

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  1. Excellent figures, interesting also as I am not familiar with the period.

    1. Not a lot to do now for these, big game comign up.

  2. Great stuff Roj. You’re a machine turning out figures at this rate! Cheers, Chris

  3. It just goes to show how some of the Irish troop types barely changed over the centuries. You’re certainly doing a smashing job with them. ⚔️⚔️

    1. Cheers Geoff, you will see the based up figures shortly, I think they mix really well.

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers Geoff, happy with how they have come out in the end.

  5. More lovely work, well up to your usual high standards there, Roger!

  6. I am really impressed with your Irish and Elizabethans....fascinating stuff- thanks for sharing.

    1. cheers John, not far from done phase 1, couple more posts before the Irish and English are done.