Sunday 10 September 2023

Irish Light Horse Workbench

This week I have been mostly focused on adding some Irish Light horse to my Elizabethan project.

A number of different makes here, and photos on a  couple of cameras trying to get  a decent shot in weird light.

Two Redoubt horse will give me enough for 3 companies of these, the right hand one has a Steve Barber thirty years war head, the left one is the original, not keen on this but I felt I would keep at least one from the nine with its original head.
The netx two are Crusader figures, both sold as Scots, the armoured figure has a tee Barber head swap, the left is as sold. Nice figures these if a little awkward in terms of fit to the horses.
These two are dark age Irish from Footsore, smaller than the other but very nice, I will keep these on separate bases.
This Footsore figure was going to be an Irish Warlord but he looks like what he is, a Dark Age leader, I may use him with my Picts as its a lovely figure.

Same pictures different phone!

The Flags of War Irish Lord is far too English for me, with English clothes, horse trappings and even a nicely trimmed beard. That said he is a lovely English Lord so will command some of my English Troops.

This si the first of the Crusader Kern, actually sold as Scots, he will fit in nicely I think and the hounds potentially mixed individually into different units of Kern.
Struggling with the lighting I have tried natural light with these few. Bit of a mix of figures to finish a few things off.
The Scots archers are Bannockburn era figures, I was tempted by them to use with my Gallowglass given the aketons and that Gallowglass servants fought as skirmishers supporting their masters, I will have to see how they look mixed intot he back ranks of the Gallowglass formations. Lovely 3d printed figures.

The last of the three Footsore Irish, much smaller than the other makes but as all three will go on a single company base I dont think that matters.

This crusader light horseman wouldnt fit on the crusader horses because of how I positioned his shield so another horse was pinched.

The last of the Redoubt Cavalry this will give me 3 units of these figures, again a Steve Barber 30 years war helmet has been pressed into service.
Two more kern, one Gripping Beast the other a very nice Crusader figure. About 10 more Kern to do before I can base up units.

Not huge amounts to do now before I can say this part of the project is done. 

I will keep you posted.


  1. Great work mate. Such a jigsaw of ranges to build this collection! Cheers, Chris

    1. Cheers Chris, particularly enjoyed all the different ranges for the Irish.

  2. Coming along nicely Roger…
    You have certainly got a fine mix of ranges into your collection.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers Aly on table at Partizan if you are about.

  3. Very impressive. Your mixing of miniatures from a wide variety of sources works really well 👏👏 Sadly, I doubt I’ll make Partizan but hopefully you’ll take plenty of pics.

    1. Cheers Geoff, yes lots of pictures with a battle report is the plan. Just finishing basing them all so will share that in due course.