Friday 24 March 2023

More 40mm British

There is nothing like an impending game to chivvy me along with the painting. As usual I was basing the last of these the night before the game.

The big gap in my Peninsular project has been the British line so ahead of a couple of planned games I have got stuck into these. With 12 already completed I really needed another 12 to give us a game.
These form another part of the 88th Connaught Rangers also known as the devils own who earned a fearsome reputation in Spain.
All Perry Miniatures, I have made sure I got a mix of heads and a mix of trouser colours to break them up a bit.
Perrys dont do a line Sergeant so I have used Sash and Sabre figures, in the case of the NCO's in particular these are really quite nice.
I do like this dynamic figure giving his lads a good tongue lashing.
I also completed a few other figures, this Voltiguer will be an NCO to give me another much needed command figure for the French,
This un-based Volitguer will give me 4 towards my next unit of 6 skirmishers so just a couple more gets me a further full unit.
Lastly, and completely un-related I got another Sikh officer done so thought I would share him at the same time.
So thats the latest. With a 24 man British line unit completed I think next will be finishing off the unit of French skirmishers then looking to add some British Light Company troops for the Devils Own so watch this space for more on the 40mm,


  1. Another lovely batch of "big boys" Roger, and I agree about the Sash and Sabre figure, he is great. The Skih officer is particularly nice, too!

  2. Wonderful stuff! Welcome British! I love the way the French skirmishers are wearing any old thing. Cheers, Chris

    1. Cheers Chris, I get the impression thats just how they were but either way I am happy with that effect.

  3. Lovely new toys Roger…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers Aly, ruminating new plans for this project!