Monday 9 January 2023

The Generals Best China, Live Free or Die AAR

 Apologies for the enforced absence last few weeks, a broken laptop and incompetetance on my part to blame.

We decided to get the AWI collection out for another go at Live Free or Die.

Steve set up a nice little scenario, an important baggage train needs to be got away from the advancing Rebels, a small Highland brigade commanded by Steve, two battalions of the 71st supported by a company of Militia skirmishers and another of British light bobs, hold the road to give them time to get away.

A stronger Brigade is coming on table in support, 2 British line battalions, a Grenadier battalion and a regiment of Hessians, supported by a squadron of Light Dragoons.

The Americans have 3 Brigades arriving on the roll of a dice, 2 have 4 battalions of Continentals and one has 3 battalions of Militia. The Patriots must capture the baggage, the British must see it off table.

The initial roll of the dice sees Chris's left hand brigade arrive straight in front of the Highlanders defending the road. Probably the one he would have wanted on first. Aroll from Steve sees the baggae fail to get going.
The Continentals close and the first volleys are exchanged with limited imapct.
Rebel Riflemen engage the Light Bobs to keep them busy and protect the Continentals flanks as the middle brigade of Militia march on.

The third brigade of 4 continental regiments enters on the Rebel left.
My British brigade are just in time to turn right offof the road and advance to block this new threat.
A troop of Light Dragoons sit patiently between my British and the deploying continentals looking for a gap to exploit as they cover my deployment.
On my left the Hessians advance to form a reserve for Steves Highland brigade. I think he is going to need it.

The cavalry advance threateningly but stop at 24 inches away which is there standrad movement.
Next go and we charge, only to find that charge movement is randomised and we stop 2 inches short of the Militia, damn, this could be painful.
Behind the cavalry the British foot advance smartly to block the advancing Patriots.
Both sides form firing lines ready to exchange volleys and bayonets are fixed.
A dismal volley from the Militia does little damage and the cavalry charge home, predictably they are successful and the Militia are forced back but not broken, putting a number of DMZs on the Milita unit behind.
The British are in position to defend the retreating baggage and the Highlanders are clinging on against double their strength but it cant last. 
The Light Dragoons gird their loins and charge again at the next Militia regiment. Again they charge home and again force the Milita to scramble back through their own troops inflicting more damage on both battalions. The Milita are very badly mauled but the British are down to one base and we remove the survivors from play.
Steves Highlanders are being raked by musketry from the Continentals and one battalion is forced to retire, he needs something spectacular from his firing and gets it.
Steve is happy with his firing dice and the Continentals are checked for one more go as the baggage plods further away.
The Militia are in a bit of amess but still standing. Their next volley into the Jaegers pushes the skirmishers back 24 inches.

The British line is trading volleys with the american rifles as the continentals are out of range, one unit of fusiliers advances on the left to apply pressure to the continentals whilst the Milita are recovering from the Cavalry charges. 
On the left Steve is still holding and the Hessians are in position to support his retreat. My fusiliers however get the worst of the firefight with the Continentals and are pushed back.

The Milita are recovered and now begin to advance in support of the Continentals.
The Rifles are seen off and the Continentals advance to fill the gap, two battalions of continentals are forced to retire with heavy casualties, but the British Grenadiers also take a pounding and are forced back in turn.

My British are holding their own but coming under increasing pressure, fortunately the baggage is nearly off the table.
Both sides continue to blaze away with equal casualties along the line and the remaining Highlanders are eventually forced to retire.
The baggage is off table, the generals best china and his favourite wig has been saved and the British have held the Americans but at fearful cost, a Pyric victory for the Crown forces.

Another cracking game, Live Free or Die are providing the sort of game we wanted from the AWI  thoroughly enjoyable, thank you gents.


  1. Sure I’ve said it before, but love the period ad love these rules. A happy evening getting beat :-) cheers Chris

  2. Splendid game/battle I need to seek out the rules at some point ?

    1. They are a free download I believe, google search gives as the site

  3. A great looking game and for once in this period, the British actually won! The mission was to save the baggage and that mission was accomplished so you won, nothing Pyhrric about it!

    1. Well as British commander I will take that!

  4. So will I - we won - hurrah!!! Really like these rules. Great report Roj.

  5. It looks like it was a fantastic game, guys! You need to check Steve's dice, that look very suspicious to me :P

    1. Cheers Bartek will be keeping an eye on his dice in future Lol