Tuesday 17 January 2023

October workbench

 A few more figures for the forthcoming big Russian Civil War bash.

I picked up 3 Chahar Mongols and 2 Officers to finish off the 12 I have giving me an officer and 2 units of 8.

The Chinese officers I think have mixed in OK. 

Having seen someone else pint these in red coats I did some double checking and found the reference I was looking for in a memoir referring to all Ungern Sternberg's troops leaving Urga with new blue Deals on. So blue it is, the yellow cap cloth and shoulder boards are the traditional colour of the far eastern Cossacks.
The Red MG crew just got a slightly altered paint job and are now a Partisan MG crew. More compatriots for Makhno and his anarchists.
I also picked up a pack of 10 Copplestone Partisans, lovely figures these, although disappointing that three figures are identical.
Some particularly nice figures here, I do like how the salmon shirts came out too.
To bring my tribal Mongols up to strength I have pressed these 4 plastic figures into service with the odd modern rifle mixed in. a reasonable fit for the rest rather than ideal but it does the job.
Lastly a White Officer, the last game showed me I need more leaders so here is the first. He came out OK, a simple enough paint job.

A few more to follow, I certainly need to add to the leaders so watch this space for those in particular.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Lovely additions, great idea with the Mongols

    1. Cheers Neil, it works, better with some than others.

  2. Very nice indeed Roger - Back of Beyond/RCW is such a great era isn't it - the Copplestone figures are wonderful, pick of the bunch for me, even with pink shirts!

  3. Great output mate. And I assume you mean October. You are that far behind on posts. Have to put on another big RCW spectacular game asap!!! Cheers Chris

  4. Lovely work….I like the idea of a big RCW bash

  5. So many well-painted figures. Well done!