Sunday 11 September 2022

Workbench Update 40mm Cavalry and new stuff

 I have been trying to focus on adding something new to the 40mm project in terms of units. With a number already complete then the French Hussars seemed the best focus.

These three once based will give me a group of 8 and Leader.

The trumpeter in reversed colours on a grey is very bright and pops really well as intended.
The officer has a round base and lots of gold braid, a much flashier figure than his troopers and looks quite different with the blue Shabraque.
The last trooper has an uncovered shako to contrast with the various coloured covers of his comrades. Once based I will gets some pictures of them as a unit.
The British are a little behind the French in painting so far but catching up. These three take me to seven so two more to do.
The British are a tougher proposition than the French. As the two figures available are either firing or loading a carbine they dont lend themselves to a unit, so a bit conversion work is required. This chap has his right arm replaced with a Sash and Sabre one brandishing his carbine and a green stuff bridle hand.
This next chap has a French Hussar right harm with Sabre and a metal hand stolen from another figure.
This however is the original loading figure, very nice. Just two more to paint to complete the unit.
For my French I wanted a differently coloured unit to support the 88me Ligne. I have gone for the Paris Municipal Guard in early uniform. A real contrast both to the rest of the French and to the allies uniforms. I do like how these look.
I have also completed the first of my Portuguese Cacadores, not sold on the brown shade so may try some alternatives but a lovely figure.
These are really lovely figures by Flashing Blade Miniatures, with a good selection of poses. More of these to come.
Lastly a couple of Russian Cossacks, inspired by our recent games, these will be the command base for Shkiro's wolves. A touch of Dash to my white forces, as though they needed it.
Good progress, hope to have some of these on table very soon indeed.


  1. Nice work as always. Good to see your forces growing.

  2. Just lovely Roj. We’ll soon have 40mm cavalry crossing sabres. Glad to see the recent Triumph of the Will games have inspired more RCW output. Cheers, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris, yes rest of the cavalry to follow soon

  3. Fantastic addition to your collection.