Friday 16 September 2022

August Holiday Workbench

 Chum Chris Charlton very kindly gifted me a lovely little gun emplacement, too big really for 28mm but perfect for my 40mm.

I couldnt wait so parked the other painting and cracked into this before finding myself painting a gun for my Spanish to go inside it. Lovely little piece this cheers Chris.

With a number of the main units completed its also been time to start painting a couple of figures from the next units to try get the Pallettes right. This Flashing Blade Cacadore Officer has had a bit of conversion work done on him by the late Ian Smith. A lovely job, not sure this will be the final brown for the unit but the sky blue looks nice.
He does remind me a little of Sweet William in a Portuguese uniform.
I also decided to change the head on this French figure so my Spanish have even more Variety with an advancing figure, I think this will fit in really well, I made add another.
For my French I am working on the Paris Municipal Guard, This Sash and Sabre figure will be the first of the Voltiguers. I hope to have a couple of groups of these in skirmish order.
With the first fusilier and Voltiguer complete it would be remiss of me not to paint a grenadier. These chaps will be in bearskins as I couldnt resist adding a unit in bearskins.
I have different resources giving me red or green collars. In the end red seemed most likely to me.
OK so its September now clearly I have got more done so adding these in at the last minute.

The British light Dragoons are now done with the addition of these two, just basing required. The firing figure is the original base figure the other has converted hands and sword arm.

Then adding to the lovely Paris Municipal Guard, I have not given these guys collar and cuff piping, more research shows, white, green or no piping at all, as green wouldn't really be visible I am going with none. I actually think it looks better without. 

The photo here of the Paris Municipal Guard commander doesnt really do him justice, he has come out well. This is the Perrys ligne officer with head and arm swap.

Two more Municipal Guard Grenadiers takes me to 6. The left figure a slightly different stance to the right.

And one more Spanish musketeer, I notice I have missed the yellow metal bar in the cockade so will get that fixed.

Good progress getting me closer with a couple more of the units.

This last picture is one of two boxes for painted figures waiting to be based, quite a bit in here for the 40mm project just waiting on bits here and there to get a number of units complete.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You can tell that you’re enjoying painting these big lads. Great stuff Roj. They are gorgeous and a real treat to game with. Cheers, Chris

  2. Productive time , lovely figures 👍

  3. Wow, lots of progress on this project, all of it very high quality indeed, Roger!