Tuesday 6 September 2022

General D'Armee AAR Playtest

 Steve has been keen to try these rules for a while so we had a nice Russians vs French game.

Went pretty well as it happens.

The French hold two villages with three small brigades of foot, two six pounder batteries and two small cavalry brigades.

The attacking Russians have 12 pounder batteries with 3 larger brigades a large and a small cavalry brigade and a reserve guards brigade.

Chris F and I would attack with Russians whilst Steve and Chris C defended with the French.

Each side has a number of dice they can roll to get extra things. ADC's typically who can re-roll failed orders. Given that all units need an order to do anything except fire these are pretty useful.
Steve and Chris occupy each village with a battalion and set reinforcements behind them, their left flank is covered by a small brigade of fo0t and another of horse with one of the 6 pounder batteries. The French under Chris Con their right have a battery between the two villages and a larger cavalry brigade covering the extreme flank.

The Russians get forward quickly although Mr Flowers has his usual difficulty when rolling for movement so one brigade stalls. Artillery on the villages causes minimal casualties.
I decide I want to exploit my slight cavalry superiority so the Hussars are pushed forward as quickly as possible.
Move two I roll well on command dice so spend some to add artillery assault to one battery which increases the casualties on my target unit, the village is blocked by my own advancing infantry so I concentrate on one of the supporting units causing devastating casualties and forcing it to retire in disorder.
We quickly close on the Russian left and assault the village. My first assault bounces off with casualties to both sides but the rest of the briagde is well placed to carry on the assault.
On the right we are not quite close enough yet but closing on the further village. 
Next move we close with right hand village, I don't have an assault order so it will be a little harder, as with the left village the first battalion bounces but another is in range to carry on next turn.
On the left we have charged the village again. The advantage here is that the French are still disordered from being charged last go. We bounce off again but the village is weakening.
The cavalry close and the superior numbers of Russians tell, a narrow victory to the Russians pushes the French back but doesn't allow the Russians to follow up.

A third attack on the left village is repulsed but only just.

The village on the right is just as beleagured but manages to push the Russians back again.
On the right Chris's columns are finally moving forward with a view to smashing into Steves French who, in a bit of historical irony, are in line on a reverse slope.
The Russians storm the right hand village for a fourth time, each of the four battalions has taken a turn at charging in, wearing the defenders down and giving them no time to reform.
On the right we are having our third assault, this time it goes to second round and the French throw in supports pushing the Russians out and exchanging the mauled defenders with the fresh battalion which, however, remains disordered by the combat.
Its nearing the end of the night and Chris is gathering himself for a mighty knock out punch against the French left.
The French however seem unpreturbed and ready for him.
In front of the right hand village the Russian Guards have arrived. They charge the village and make it look all too easy.
On the left my Russian line have finally taken our village and pushed the French back.
But what's this? Steve has left a gap through which a small unit of French Hussars can charge my disordered Russian line.
A desperate closing volley has no effect and the French cavalry are in amongst my infantry and the battalion is broken.
The guards however are happy enough occupying the village.
On the left with one last throw Chris C charges his remaining untouched battalion at the left hand village, a good closing volley disorders him and he retreats from the ensuing melee badly mauled.
Chris marches over the slope into the waiting muskets of Steve's French. Steve assures us it wont be as one sided as it looks but we have run out of time so wont get to find out.
With both villages taken and the French left in disarray its a Russian victory and a great first test of the rules.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable game and I look forward to playing the rules again soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Christopher, I can accept non of the praise this is all the lovely work of Steve Shann.

  2. Nice AAR and great figures and table.

  3. A great looking game and it seems as though the rules handle assaulting a built up area correctly, as it should be pretty hard for attackers to storm a defended village, as seemed to be the case here.

    1. Yes it felt right, the defenders didnt get crashing volleys when the assault came in, they are finding out of windows and doors and loopholes, however the attackers struggled to winkle them out and were pushed back several times before eventually pushing them out.

  4. It’s a really playable set of rules. Good fun. And we’re completely blessed to get to play with such gorgeous figures. Cheers, Chris

    1. We certainly are Chris. Very happy to give these another gosoon.

  5. Must admit it went pretty well (apart from the fact that we lost!), The rules are pretty smooth with some really nice mechanisms. look forward to having another go.