Monday 29 August 2022

More figures for the Russian Civil War

 This almost complete collection (When are they ever actually complete) is due for an outing soon, with figures from other collections it should be a pretty big game and I was keen to harness my enthusiasm and finish off some bits I had.

So after rebuilding a badly damaged red Biplane I turned my attention to various unfinished bits of business. 

Firstly Partisans. Lovely figures these and I dont have anything I can use as red guards or partisans so the figures from Russia are really useful.

Particularly in the Ukraine ex sailors of the Black Sea fleet formed a trained core of the partisan units, there were many of these with Machno's anarchist forces in eastern Ukraine. These two are from the same pack as the figures above but based together so I can either add them to a partisan unit or a navy unit.
A red commander, I dotn have enough commanders for either side, this one started as an artillery officer but is just as nice ina  more generic role.
Lastly an officer of reactionary White Gangsters! Another figures from Russia , the horse is slightly smasll but looks well outside of a unit giving me another commander for the Whites.
Thats it for now but I do have some Shkiros wolves to finish so hopefully wont be too long before I have those complete.



  1. Superb additions to the collection

  2. Wonderful figures (and bases), great work!

  3. Super figures Roj. Cheers Chris

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  5. Sorry, have to start again, Blogger had created some ridiculous four words in one typo in my original comment! These are all nice work Roger. I too have the artillery office, although mine has retained his original role. Despite being on the wrong side, I do like the mounted White officer!

    1. Thanks very much, I really wasnt sure about this figure until it was complete but I agree it looks nice.

  6. Lovely figures, well painted. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  7. Excellent paint and basing jobs - per your usual standard! Love your blog.