Wednesday, 9 June 2021

The Road to Corunna Part 2

Well the week has flown by and really looking forward to our follow up game with Kens Spanish Civil War collection. This week joined by Lonnie on the Republican side and Ian on the Nationalists. Ian takes over the Morrocan regulares and I keep the Legionaires and some armour. Lonnie meanwhile will take over the International Brigades as they arrive on table along with the 2 T26's.

The Republican armoured car is ready to cross the river in support of the beleagured Anarchists and an updated prpaganda vehicles has replaced the truck, with a mega, mega phone.

In the village just one company of Anarchists remain, supported by their HQ and a donky loaded down with ammo.
At the Nationalist entry point a troop of Tankettes turn up, those twin machine guns should be useful despite the cardboard armour.
The opening salvo sees very few casualties and the Nationalists cavalry avoid a almost devastating case of friednly fire when the artillery deviates a little more than expected, the burst cirle less than 2 inches from the figures. 
The Nationalist forces push forward into cover in the village and surrounding woodsclosign in on the last of the Anarchists
W ethen get an airoplane, predictably the bombs miss, the MG just manage the one casualty but it looks nice!
The village and wood are becomign very over crowded as the Nationalists prepare to push the Anarchists out, the armoured car now being in support.
A flurry of fire and the Anarchists have taken three more casualties and run out of ammo, they make a dash towards their HQ and ammo donkey, closely followed by three dismounted cavalry, a brief melee sees the Anarchists detroyed and cavalry troop reduced to two figures. Only the HQ which cant be targeted remains of Steves poor anarchists.

The Republicans now get their aricraft and again miss with the bombs and inflict one casualty on Kens Carlists with the MG's.
A failed morale tests sees a pin marker on the Carlist company but the rest of Kens force is at the river and ready to push across the ford.
Further up the river my first company of Legionaires has reached the bank in the hope of discoverign another ford. They are out of luck and to make matters worse Robs Republicans inflict heavy casualties on them reducing them to half stregnth. I managed one casualty on Robs Republicans in response.
The last of the Anarchists flee over the river leaving the armoured car the only Republican forces this side of the ford.
Another event card and it turns out that the Morracans have shown the Carlists some dirty postcards and they downtools in disgust. No Carlist movement at all this turn. Sorry Ken.
The Nationalist armour is next out both the armoured car and the tankettes advance on the Republican armoured car. Only 2 can fire and a point of damage is logged against the Republicans.

Natioanlist artillery is drawn and I target the first unit of Republicans over the river, I get lucky and the random direction lands squarely on the unit with 8 figures under the template, when the dice are rolled and the smoke clears 7 of them are casualties and rest flee, the most effective artillery we have seen in these rules and a bonus to the Natioanlists as its te nearest unit to the ford.
Last move of the day and the Nationalist armour again target the Republican armoured car, inflicing more damage and a pin marker.
Ken targets a second unit of Robs Republicans with our newly arrived morate and inflicts the first casualty on them. The Carlists are now over the river.
My Legionaires are also at the river bank and starting to put some fire into Robs defenders, hopefully keepign them busy whilst the dismounted cavalry go for the Ford and Ians Morrocans follow up.
Last card out and our newly paid for Heavy machine gun arrives and we stick it in the back of our truck to support the Carlists. Last cards all now played and game over for the day.
Another great fun game, I reckon 2 more days of gaming in this as only half the table captured and the International Brigades are starting to arrive on the Republican table edge.

Part 3 in due course, unil then stay safe!