Friday 26 February 2021

Highlanders Back From Basing Dept for 1745 Rising

I had a little care package arrived to cheer me up from the Basing Department in York today so I thought I might get some images and share them with you.

There are not stacks of figures but its nice to get a little bit of progress to share on this colourful project.

Really pleased with these figures and in particular the basing that the department as done this time, its been as good as mine for a while but I particularly liked this batch.
A few leader characters with this batch Including the British Officer, love this with the big watch coat.
The Royal Ecossais Sergeant is another lovely character and really pleased with this one in particular. A number of the junior command figures are so nice I felt compelled to replace them in the ranks and base them separately as leader figures. 
The Highlanders are a bunch of different manufacturers and as already discussed on round bases for that irregular look, using 2 and 3 man bases to allow for different sized units.
The left hand base are all Warlord figures from the arrant scum pack in their ECW range so potential to be used as redshanks for my Elizabethan Ireland project.
The centre base has 2 redoubt figures, again ECW and even better fit for Redshanks in Ireland.
The last base has two musketeers so could be used as a skirmish screen with two other 2 man bases, the advancing chap is Front rank and the loading chap is a Perry AWI militiaman with a head swap. I will be getting some Bicorne highland musketeers firing to flesh out the skirmish screens for these guys. As the earlier models don't have cockades these are useful for highlanders on both sides and can be used to fill out ranks for either Jacobite's or Argyl Militia.
These two leader figures are Flags of War, really lovely figures, the Officer in his greatcoat very reminiscent of the officer in the "Like Hungry Wolves" Embleton book. 
The Sergeant has a simple but bright pattern to his plaid which I particularly like. Having both figures allows some flexibility when I organise a number of groups into a clan regiment for gaming purposes.
Steady progress but that was always the plan for this project, I now have two groups of Highlanders and about 8 leader figures! This project will press on very quickly when the next kickstarter is delivered in a couple of months time and I can start to finish partially complete units off. 

Hope you like them too, see you next time, stay safe!


  1. Lovely figures (and bases), well done!

  2. Great Roj. Can’t wait for the opportunity to see these in the flesh

  3. They look very nice indeed Roger

  4. Great work the tartan is fabulous

  5. Great looking figures - very characterful, and atmospheric in front of the black houses 👍

    1. Cheers very much, characterful is very much what I am aiming for with this collection.

  6. Stunning job! Congratulations!

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