Friday 10 April 2020

Workbench odds and sods

With my stomach giving me some grief I have not been able to paint a lot so I have given myself over to easier stuff, first of all a couple of Sikh Gunners to finish off this gun crew, added to those already complete it gives me a battery of 3 guns.

The bearers will add to the Elephant and Camels for my growing baggage train, both Wargames Foundry from the old Mutiny range they have still come out OK.

This Foundry Afghan I have another 3 of. I will mix these into the other units as I have quite a bit of Muslim Tribal horse. I have two more of these complete so another seven will finish the unit off and bring my irregular cavalry to a completion.
The horse is from the Perry's first crusade range and fits really well.

I have also made a start on my next regiment of Sikh regular foot. These are two Foundry Sikhs and one Studio Miniatures, dont worry I wont be mixing them in the same battalion, the Studio one is a much slimmer and taller build. I will have one battalion of Foundry and Old Glory mixed and one of Studio to make a single two battalion regiment. I have a couple more of each of these already painted so whilst its only a minor start its still an actual start. I picked up a shed load of the Studio figures from chum Colin recently (thanks Colin) so expect quite a few more of these. Apologies for the poor picture quality.

Lastly a test figure for Skinners horse, just the one so far, chum Jerry had a spare so I ahve given this a go, I quite like the pale "sand" colour rather than a deeper mustard. I may try a different colour with the Officer before I make my mind up.

Along with the Sikhs Wars stuff I have a couple of other items, here is a Pancerni Standard bearer, Foundry figure on a Gripping Beast Horse. He is likely to end up on a proper Pancenri horse though to be honest, probably one of the Redoubt ones once painted.

Also some Cossacks for the Deluge expansian I am looking at for Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth 1655-60. The left hand figure is one of the superb Foundry Cossacks the other two are Old Glory, a bit of a mixed bunch but these two are quite nice.

Last but not least this is the first test figure for the 1745 Government Troops. Painted as Barrells Regiment with the brown campaign gaiters, I think this strikes the right balance between looking good and looking realistic? I'll let you decide.

Thes Flags of War Government troops are lovely sculpts and really easy to paint which suits me.

Thats it for now but plenty more to come.


  1. Lovely work Roger. I like the shade you've used for the Skinners Horse. Mine are quit mustardy but they certainly stand out. Catch up soon.

    1. Much appreciated Colin, still deciding on the colour but I appreciate the feedback.

  2. Skinner's is a great unit to have. The yellow does stand out. I'd go darker personally. Those Old Glory cossacks are actually very nice. Great work mate. Cheers, Chris

    1. Cheers Chris, I have an officer to paint, may try him slightly more mustard before I decide either way.