Thursday, 23 April 2020

Another Sepoy battalion 68th Bengal Native Infantry

The Sikh Wars project progresses nicely and this unit of Sepoys will be just what the British army needs to flesh out the infantry.

Many units were still wearing the peakless shako in the Indian army so I intend to add a couple or more with this headgear. At least one batallion, possibly two, will hopefully be the Studio miniatures figures with a covered Shako.
These are mainly Wargames Foundry figures with a Carlist War british officer from Perry and 1 Iron Duke standard bearer with the Foundry one to finish the unit off.
Light infantry companies during this period were starting to be dressed in green and the shako had all the metal work blackened, much simpler to paint than the rest of the unit.
I particularly like the standard bearer aggressively thrusting the Colonels colour in the air.
I cant find a mention of them in the early battles of the first Sikh War so I assume they were part of the reinforcement that reached the army before Sobroan as they formed part of Brigadier Taylors 3rd Brigade in this engagement, along with the 29th Foot and the 41st BNI so this completes that particular brigade for Sobroan at any event. Either way Sepoys are what I am currently short of so a welcome addition
I havent decided yet what the final number of these needs to be, it could be I will need as many as 12 batallions, certainly at least 8 though I think so keep an eye out for the next lot.


  1. Cracking job Roger, they look superb!

  2. Great stuff Roj. I was always keen on these figures as until these were released there'd only been figures with covered Kilmarnocks. I read a TMP thread this week which said that BNI regiments either had a light company or a rifle company. The former in red armed with muskets and the latter dressed and armed as riflemen. Obviously. Unfortunately the thread suggested that there was no record of which regiments had which. I look forward to seeing these fellows on the tabletop. Cheers, Chris

    1. I am just goign to pretend I didnt hear that! Cheers Chris, interestign stuff.

    2. Foundry figures' weapons - musket? Rifle? Look the same to me. The TMP thread was news to me but makes sense. Yes la la la ignore ;-)

    3. Maybe the next unit can have rifles.