Friday, 13 December 2019

Turbaned Blast From the Past

You probably dont know but this is not the first time I have been drawn into the Sikh Wars, Twenty or so years ago, when the Perry's first sculpted the new range for Foundry, it became my first really big 28mm project. Eventually I had a couple of brigades per side, but then we had the kids and money was super tight so something had to give. I sold my collection but in the process met Chris Charlton who went on to become a good friend and Wargaming chum.

Chris expanded the collection and then found himself in a similar situation and sold the collection, bemoaning it to me when I then I decided to revisit the period.

It therefore came as a very pleasant surprise to see parts of the collection for sale on Ebay. I decided that whilst I couldnt afford to buy them all getting a token unit would be a really nice and nostalgic thing to do. I dont have figures painted by anyone else, buying these painted would help me push the collection forward without breaking that little rule.

So here they are. 12 Foundry Sikh regulars in all their Glory.
Sikh officers often wore luxurious civilian gear hence this chap in his bright yellow silks and Persian helmet. 
The Flag I must confess is not a correct commercially available one. I dont think there were any back then. I painted a couple based on the captured ones in the Victoria and Albert Museum but started to run out of ideas. This one is copied straight from the one currently flying outside my local Guru Nanak Sikh Temple in Bradford. Sorry to the purists out there. Well OK maybe I am not.
Now there are 12 figures and my units are in twenties so I will paint up 8 more, probably using the Old Glory figures as this will mean I have a mix of figures rather than 17 privates all being the exact same sculpt. Although I dont think these guys look bad for a 20 year old paint job.
I will also re-base them, Chris put them on chopped up bits of carpet tile, the rubber base would, he thought, prevent them sliding on the table top. They should remove easily enough and I can base them on 40 x 40 MDF to match the other Sikhs.
I might just decide to try paint up these next, although I really do need to get some more Sepoys done to get  to a point where a reasonable sized game is feasible.

Anyway there you go, a lovely little blast from the past. Hope you like them.


  1. Most beautiful Sikhs (and flag), congrats!

  2. Ah lament. I've a few other collections to fill the hole though I was very attached to these guys and the rest of the Sikh Wars collection. Hopefully get a chance to SP at Steve's soon :-) Chris

  3. Great story-they came home. They look pretty good too.

    1. Cheers, I am really pleased with them, with another 8 and based up I think they will be the mutts nuts.

  4. Boomerangs do come back!
    Lovely figs, glad they are home again