Sunday, 23 June 2019

Irish Workbench

As I am doing the wargaming butterfly thing I decided to finish off the Irish for the Elizabethan project. I didnt quite manage it but a bit of progress has been made. Firstly these three Perry archers bring my force of bowmen to 12, so either  full unit for Pikemans lament or 2 skirmish units for Pikemans lament or Sharp Practice.

The Perrys Irish are truly lovely, I have thoroughly enjoyed painting all of them.

I then have three more Kern, two with two handed weapons the other with a "dart". The dart fella is a Crusader miniatures casting, I had used the head elsewhere (possibly on the redoubt cavalry) so pinched a head from one of the Swashbuckler Maroons, possibly not the best choice as it does look a little African still but hey ho. The two other chaps I think look just great, using slightly different shades on the tunic which I think works well.

A pair of English, these are Assault Group Dutch militia, lovely little figures, not sure the picture does them justice. The English have a lot pike still to do but the shotte is almost complete. Just three calivermen and some command to do. The pike remaining is near 15 or so though so plenty still to go at.
Whilst we are talking about Ireland I have done a small selection of test figures for the Boyne campaign. I am looking for some generic figures so I can use them for different things.As the Saxons still had floppy hats up to 1706 in the Great Northern War these fellas can be Saxon, Williamite or Jacobite, its just the flags that pin them. I intend to make two bases of generic shotte for each uniform and then make separate command stands so I can make the Kurprinz Saxon regiment, red coats faced yellow, into the Jacobite Sir Eustaces regiment simply by changing the flags. Initial thoughts are to have 50mm by 60mm musket bases and then two 50mm by 30mm command/pike/shot bases for the middle.

The figure on the left is a Foundry musketeer, he had a tricorne so a quick head swap was needed, not a massive fan of the outcome but it will do. The other three Warfare miniatures are really nice, I like them a lot.
The Elizabethans are now comfortably settled in York with the basing department and I will give you unit updates when they get back in the next few weeks. The War of the Three Kings will be a much longer term project so dont expect too much too soon, although the odd unit to grow my Saxons will be very welcome.

See you all soon.


  1. Have you looked at the Irregular Wars set of rules. Period specific they look very interesting.

    1. I cant say I have,where would I get them from?


    3. Cheers for that, had a look and will give them some consideration, they work on bases rather than figures, hopefully they dont require me to re-base.

  2. Roger, great figures as always. You might give a look at Reiver Miniatures. They cover the era nicely.