Friday, 25 May 2018

Hill Tribe for Sikh Wars

First unit completed by the basing department. Fish and chips had to be employed in bribery. Still I got some too so no complaints.

First unit of Hill tribes for Sikh Wars is complete, all old Foundry Afghans apart from the officer who is a Sikh. I mentioned before that I am thinking of these as the Muslims tribes on the North West Frontier of the Punjab, Jalalabad and also Kashmir and Jammu, rather than actual Afghans.

Flag as usual from virtual armchair general.

I have purposely tried to make them irregular on each base rather than strict ranks to add to that tribal irregular feel. Not that easy though on a 40mm square base.
Fairly subdued colours with a bright splash here and there. You will notice I seem to have quite a few of a couple of the figures, but painting them all different seems to disguise them a bit. Another of these in the Pipeline along with Sikhs with melee weapons. This gives me 5 completed foot units for the Sikhs and 2 part completed. A few more company troops and I might have enough for a very small game. Must do a review when some more are done.

I quite like how the lighting has worked in this last lot so I may try and replicate it next time.