Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Galloglass and Kern workbench

So coninueing my butterfly like flutter from period to period I am currently painting mainly Irish troops for Elizabethan Ireland.

I know but when my mind is all over my painting tends to be and its a bit unsettled at present.

The first two are English, both from the old Graven Images range, big chunky figures with a lot of character.

I already have a lot of the Graven Images Border Reivers for this period and the other figures I have sculpted by Mark Copplestone are also chunky characters so these are a good fit. That said they are not as a good a fit for the Irish.

In contract the Irish are much slimmer figures from the old Claymore castings range. SolD as Scots Islemen for the Otterburn range these are ideal for Galloglass and Kern (The Galloglas were originally Scots warriors fighting as mercenaries in Ireland) These are much slimmer figures but lovely, I have pictured them in pairs, each Galloglass with is Kern attendant. This first one complete with pipes (one of my favourites) and the Galloglass with bare shanks and a two handed sword instead of the more usual double handed Dane Axe.
The second pair have a lower status Galloglass with an Aketon and double handed axe, his Kern wears a short Irish jacket over his mantle.
This pair would look happier in 1260 than 1580 but non the less should fit in reasonably well.
I particularly like how animated this Galloglass is and the detail on the Kern archer is really nice too.
And here they all are together one big happy family, well apart from the English!
The new Irish from Perry's should fit in with these really well. Ideally I would just like to add the odd Elizabethan head with say a morion helmet and a few early firearms. I will have a look and see if I can use the Perry plastic ones from the European Mercenaries box.

No idea whats next, I have started some more Irish but have some 1812 Poles on the go too, I am also tempted to get some Afghans done. Lets see where the fancy takes me over the bank holiday weekend.

Thanks for reading and see you all soon.


  1. A splendid group, well done!

    1. Thanks Phil, working on a few Afghans now. Butterfly, flutter, flutter.

  2. Very nice. I stuck with all Graven Images Border Reivers (now Hoka Hey/Timeline Miniatures). They're so big that they stick out like giants next to any other range.

    1. I am doing mainly the same for the English, the Copplestone Elizabethan Sea dogs fit Graven images quite well, but I prefer the Claymore and Perry Irish so hoping they dont look out of place on opposite sides.