Saturday 12 August 2017

Saxon cavalry Beust 2

Having received my second unit of Saxon currasier regiment Beust I thought it was an opportunity to let you know I have not forgotten my Great Northern War project.

These are all Warfare Miniatures figures. I have chosen a mix of tricorne, floppy hat and bare head to represent the transition Saxon uniforms went through during this war.

So thats them. It will remain a little quiet on the Great Northern War front until Warefare release the forthcoming Swedish cavalry. In the meantime I hope that the new offerings I have for the Sikh Wars, Russian Civil War and El Cid projects will be acceptable.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great looking unit. One of my favourites with the black cuffs

  2. Thanks Neil, dont tell anyone but as I prime in black I do always like to slip in some black facings to save some time. That aside a wanted a contrasting colour to the buff gloves so had to avoid the yellow cuffs of some of the other units.