Monday 12 December 2016


Hi All

The finance department has been to visit the basing department in York and returned with lots of goodies.

The first I will share with you is the first battalion of the Swedish Life guard.

My intention with the life guard is to model all 4 battalions including the combined grenadier battalion. This isn't just me wanting the field the best troops I can find so as to smash other armies, the guard were almost always the first into a fight and the Swedes often used them as a hammer to break through the enemy with other troops in support. There are numerous battles where the army was led into battle by the guard and I think that makes this an ideal brigade to work towards.

Unlike most of the Swedish army the Guard was made of Swedes who volunteered rather than being called up to serve in regiments locally. It had no local identity but earned its elite status numerous times. Like the indelta local battalions it had one third pike and 2 thirds muskets, although the combined grenadier battalion would not have any pike.

The guard took the day in battles like Narva and Holowczyn under tremendous fire from the enemy and were destroyed with the rest of the main field army at Poltava.

The privates were in blue faced yellow with yellow hat tape, whilst the officer of most regiments, including the guard, had blue faced blue.

All of the figures in this battalion are from the Ebor GNW range. 


  Below gives you a view of how the virtual third rank works, giving the unit some depth, but also how the 80mm deep base protects the bayonets from my fat fingers. 

 Below from a different angle, the casualty figure is again Ebor from a pack of casualties I have used across a number of units. 

The last shot gives you a view of how deep the bases are and how they protect the figures.

The second battalion is painted and will be based when the basing department returns for Christmas, the Grenadiers are half painted I will give you an update later in the week as part of a workbench post. Also to follow will be another battalion of Polish Guard for the Saxon army. No I'm not obsessed with the guard, they just fought in more actions than other units and are therefore more useful.....honest!

So that's me done for now. Thanks for reading and see you soon.


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    1. Cheers Neil. Enjoyed them, sat working on some Cossacks to face them right now.

  2. Excellent. The basing and setting are very effective and very nicely done. Ebor are developing a great range and your basing should preserve those fragile bayonets.