Tuesday 27 December 2016

First battalion of GNW Russian Foot

Festive greetings to all. Thought I might share one of the goodies brought home by the basing department at the weekend. My first battalion of Russian Foot.

Now I am only planning two of these, brigaded with two battalions of Foot Cossacks, my main focus remaining on the Swedes, Saxons and Poles.

These are all Ebor miniatures and very nice figures, they are available to buy but Nick hasn't got them on his web site yet. Ebor only do a firing line but I think this is ideal for the Russians who much preferred to try and overcome the Swedes with fire power.

The Regiment I chose is the Siberski Regiment, nothing scientific here, I wanted a green faced red unit and as the uniforms and flags of the Russians at this period are not that well known I was happy to go with a unit identified as Green Faced red in two sources and where a flag was available specifically for them from Reiver Castings.

 I think the gabion adds a bit of something to the bases and the Pikeman with a pistol is really nice. This last by the way is historically correct, instructions to foot regiments had one in 3 pikemen issued with a pistol, presumably to increase short range missile fire.


 The last two shots illustrate again the virtual three ranks and how this works on the deep bases.

Really happy with these. I may try mixing in some figures loading for the next unit though.

I also have my third unit of Saxon foot finished and will share a post with you by the weekend with these. Sat with the basing department I also have a unit of foot Cossacks, Mounted Cossacks, Swedish foot guards, Saxon, Swedish and Cossack Generals and  Saxon Field gun. Meanwhile on the workbench I have made a little start on a Swedish Tremanning battalion in Grey faced blue.

All coming along nicely.

If I don't speak with you before, have a great New Year.


  1. Agree with you for the gabbion, and beautiful unit, a wonderful job!

    1. Much appreciated Phil, have a great new year.

  2. Nice sculpts painted and based like that make me envious. Superb.

    Happy new year to you too Roger.

  3. Very nice. Have a great New year

    1. Cheers Neil, all the best to you and yours.

  4. Really a nice add to your collection! Have a great New Year.