Friday, 23 September 2016

Workbench Swedish Guard and Command

Whilst the Basing department is finishing off 3 units of Polish Horse, one of Russian Dragoons and more Saxon Guard I thought I might share with you the state of the workbench which is currently doing quite well thank you.

I had a pack of Warfare Heavy Cavalry Command sat in box, the horses were part painted but as I had ordered standing horses in error I didn't want to use them as part of a cavalry unit, a picture of Marshall Rehnskold in the Great Northern War Compendium reminded me of one of the figures and thought Mmmmm what if.....

So the below is a generic Cavalry officer who is now Rehnskold Swedish Marshall of horse and Army commander at Poltava and victor of Fraustadt where the Saxon army was destroyed. I particularly like the stances with fist on hip and the gabion will be added at basing stage to give it a little of something different.

 That left me with  standard bearer and a bugler, I decided that if I removed the Standard bearers arm and replaced it with a sword arm I could paint the two and make a Saxon Cavalry command base. I am pretty happy how this has come out.

I have also then finished my first battalion of the Swedish Foot Guards. These are all Ebor figures and the Standard bearers are awaiting their Warfare miniatures flag sheet to arrive (ordered about an hour ago) before these and the command can wing their way over to the basing department currently in York. I intend to have at least two battalions plus a grenadier battalion.

Lastly I am still working my way through the Russians and the first battalion is 60% painted.

I am really happy with how the photography has come out on these so will be trying to replicate this in future. Next on the bench is more Russians and mores Saxons. I have ordered two units of Currassier from Warfare so I can get started on Saxon heavy cavalry.

Hopefully some based up Polish units next time.



  1. And Roger takes a long lead, leaving Truls in the dust

    1. Sorry Truls. be a while before I have anything else painted.

  2. Those look terrific as always with your work.

  3. Much appreciated Paul. Picking up some figures from Basing department Saturday, foot wont work but you can use any of my cavalry you like, 3 Swedes, 2 Cossacks, 1 Russian and 4 Polish. Oh and 3 Swedish Guns.