Wednesday 6 January 2016

On the Workbench

Happy New Year!

I thought I would start off the new Year with my first based unit and a look at whats on the workbench currently.

First is a Saxon Grenadier, this from the Polish Guard of which I have 8 painted now so nearly half way. Using the Wargames Factory Plastics here and I really do like them.

We then have the first of the Polish Valaks. This is the uniformed light cavalry I will use for early Polish or later Swedish armies in the blue grey uniform. Quite Snazzy I think. Again about half way through this particular unit/

I also have something a bit different on the workbench, not sure what I will eventually do with these.

Polish foot from Murowski miniatures for the retreat from Moscow and a Perry Cossack/

My initial thoughts were to have small battalions to game using Blackpowder with lots of baggage and casualties on each base but this may be ambitious and I might revert to something more skirmishy. Lets see.

Lastly the first finished battalion of Swedish foot. In this case the Dal regiment. I haven't really got the lighting where I want on these but you get a good idea of the finished product. Figures are Wrfare with a scattering of foundry.

From the side you get an idea of the depth of the basing.

The Dalregiment is one of the standard Indelta regiments recruited from the Dalrecian region of Sweden. I gather it performed very well and it fought in all the major engagements I intend to play, often with two battalions present. It is a typically Swedish unit with all facing colours in yellow and one of 5 in Karpus hats I intend to complete.

Next post I will have the first cavalry regiment.


  1. Looking good Roj. Will be nice to see them first hand and seeing the cavalry. Keeep painting!

  2. Cheers Andy. Getting there but must sort my photography skills out.

  3. Great work, I've followed your blog a little while now. Lovley seeing saxons.

    I'll probably do the old tired classic of russians as enemies. But Barry Hilton him self has hinted at Danish! Abd if warfare makes danes. Then Sweden will have to suffer another invasion of Scania!

    Looking forward to seeing your cav.

    1. Russians give you a lot of battles you can fight and a really colourful army, but one of my gaming friends is doing them so Saxons seemed a good alternative. I know that Ebor will also be releasing Danes and Russians in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for them.