Sunday 10 January 2016

First Cavalry Unit

The basing department has finished a second unit of Swedes, this time its the Ostgota Cavalry regiment.

Again opting to have a unit in the traditional Blue faced yellow.

 These figures are from the old Musketeer Miniatures range now Footsore Miniatures, not quite as dynamic poses as I would like, the Swedes had very aggressive tactics so I usually like the figures to reflect this. That said I really do like these figures and may get one more unit using Footsore.

 The shallow wedge formation is illustrated well in the above photo, I intend to do all the Swedish cavalry like this if I can, its a tight squeeze on the base but then that is what I wanted.

The Ostgota regiment was one of the standard Indelta cavalry units and fought in many of the major engagements including Kliszow with 8 squadrons, Poltava the same, and again at Helsingborg.

I think I managed to get the lighting slightly better for the pictures but this still needs to be better. The basing department is home from Uni for a couple of days now so hopefully have  another unit to share by next weekend.

Thanks for Reading.


  1. Excellent painting and basing, will you continue with footsore cav, or change to warfare or ebor?

    I have 6 footsore, enough for one squadron, but they are so wooden compared to my warfare. Not sure what do do with them.

    But you make them look great. Looking forward to seeing more units done.

    1. I may do one more unit of Footsore but prefer a more dynamic model. I will certainly do a couple of units using Warfare, I want to see the Ebor cavalry before I make a final decision though.

  2. Another cracking unit. Hope they don't suffer from first game jitters!

    1. Thanks Andy, might be a while before we find out!