Monday 21 December 2015


OK the great basing debate.

I have been working towards units of 18 or so foot and 9 horse on 50mm frontage with 80mm depth for the Swedes. The idea being that all of the models are inside the base and get better protection.

The first picture shows the three units of foot and three of horse that are painted all together to give an overall view

We then have two battalions of foot so you can see how this actual looks closer up. For the foot I have used "virtual third rank" idea pinched from other blogs doing GNW including Black Powder games and Der Alt Fritz both at the bottom of my page.  drummer or file closer at the bank giving the impression of a third rank. I like this approach.

I had some concerns about the standing unit looking lost on the big bases but I think it works really well.

In the command and pike base here the virtual rank is in the middle.

And again with the charging command and Pike.

The Cossacks work well on these bases as a mob. helps with the irregular feel.

And again with the Swedish horse allows the wedge formation to form properly, but keeps them nice and tight.

Initially I was going to base the Saxons on 60mm depth, the foot in particular marching should look better, but as below I am not sure if its a little shallow for the horses, they will touch the fingers either end when being moved.

On a deeper base this isn't a problem.

So I am almost there, I think this is probably the way forward but would welcome comments and opinions. What does everyone think?


  1. Excelent start to a great project! Swedes look very good(the swedish cav is Musketeer/footdsore miniatures?) You should also look at warfare miniatures for swedes, They are also making russians if you want to do Saxon/russian combined army.

  2. Thanks Gunfreak, yes the Cavalry are Footsore and very nice, I do prefer the Warfare cavalry as more dynamic. They do only have one Swedish Cavalry figure though, they will be releasing more Swedish Cavalry In February and I expect my next 2 units to be from Warfare.

  3. They have 3 horses, and sevral arm options, so lots of variations.
    I have 18 and plan on buying and painting untill i have 18ish squadrons (around 108 figures)

    1. I have the figure they do and have 3 different arms on him, but as they plan to do a full range of Swedes in February I have held off doing any more at this stage. I know the arms are all different I just don't like that they all have the same face. I can be picky like that.

  4. Yeah same faces are a bummer, luckily im not got at concistancy. So they all look diffrent after i paint them. Also adding a few with stuble helps to make variation. Looking forward to seeing your project progress.

  5. Nice Roger, I am a big fan of deep basing, it started a couple of years back when I was doing my first batch of Perry AWI plastics, it helps a great deal to protect the figures,it also has the potential to turn into a bit of a diorama.
    Cheers, Ken

    1. Cheers Ken, hope to have some basing complete before basing department goes back to uni

  6. Beautifu figures...and flags!