Thursday 17 December 2015

Ebor Swedes

I mentioned a couple of blogs ago I had a couple of Sample Swedes on the way from Ebor miniatures.

Paul Hicks is one of my favourite sculptors so I was looking forward to seeing these. I was not disappointed. I received four figures, an officer, a Grenadier, a pikeman and a musketeer marching. The last three come with separate heads to add variety which I really like.

So far I have painted the grenadier and the officer

These a fantastic figures which paint really well. These first two in particular are very characterful, the enthusiastic young officer waving his men on and a grizzled grenadier lighting his grenade.

The officer I have painted in all blue facings which many officers and some NCO's from all regiments wore, this makes him useful for whatever unit I decide to use him in. These figures have slightly more waistcoat exposed than most others, no idea if this is more or less accurate than other ranges bt it does give extra contrast which I like. Apologies for the teeth I may have made him a bit too toothy!

The grenadier is again very characterful, with the fusewire rolled around his fist to light the grenade, the musket is a separate piece and equally well sculpted. Overall really pleased with these figures and looking forward to getting a lot more.
Apologies the last two pictures are not great, Ebor website is

Next time I hope to have painted another unit of Swedes and will be posting the options for basing before basing department is home for Christams from Uni.



  1. Top Work Roger. If I dont see you before Christmas, all the very best to you and yours