Sunday 3 March 2024

AWI Raid Sharp Practice AAR

Tonight at Steve's we were back to a Sharp Practice AWI game. This was to be a Tory raid on rebel supply lines in closed down terrain which did present challenges to both sides main formations.

The Rebels had two militia skirmish screens on table with 3 rifle skirmish screens off table and 24 continentals. These fine fellows would be led by me.

The Tories meanwhile had a formation of 16 militia, 8 light dragoons, 2 lots of 10 Indians, 6 Jaegers and 6 British Light infantry. Chris C would command the dastardly Tories.

The Tories were tasked with burning the three buildings on table to deny stores to the rebels. The Patriots needed to stop them.
The two units of Militia skirmishers did ok inflicting casualties on the Indians and Jaegers but the first one was soon hors de combat.
The front unit of rifles did rather better taking Indian casualties at long range in support of the militia.

Chris quickly identified his cavalry were best placed to sweep around the outside and try occupy the furthest barn, he was right, the closed down terrain did not allow my Americans to deploy the continentals to stop him. Two activations in quick succession and they were almost at the barn with not a rebel in sight.

A second unit of rifle skirmishers manages to get a long range shot off and empty one saddle.
A third unit of rifles advance on the furthest farm building hoping to get ahead of the Tory skirmishers.
The English light bobs almost reach the door, the rifles in turn charge into them with tomahawks flashing.
The Light bobs are defeated and pushed back but the sneaky Jaegers slope around the back of the melee and into the farm house whilst everyone else is busy.
The Light Dragoons dismount and occupy the barn, 2 out of three buildings taken by the crown forces.

Finally the Continentals are in position, a long range volley is the best they can do dropping an Indian out of an adjacent tree.
The Rifles at the rear charge the light dragoons as they attempt to remount having fired the barn. Typical of my dice for tonight they are eaily driven off despite a flank charge.
The Jaegers fire the forward building and my depleted forces can do little to stop them.
Last move and the Tory militia turn around to trample some more turnips having marched all the way up, not fired at all, they can now march back in glory.
Having fired one volley and taken no casualties the continentals cant figure out how they managed to lose.
Fun quirky game, more terrain than usual causing both sides headaches and a few more skirmishers than usual allowing a different game.

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  1. Lovely looking game, terrain and figures and sounds like an entertaining if slightly frustrating game?!
    Best Iain caveadsum1471

    1. Cheers Iain, yes quite frustrating which I guess was the idea and gave us some great food for thought for future games.

  2. Steve came up with a good scenario. I enjoy thwarting you with light dragoons :-D hehe. Cheers, Chris C

  3. Such a great looking game!! Splendid terrain and minis!