Tuesday 19 March 2024

40mm Peninsular Workbench Update

This week a few more Spanish and Hessian 40mm to expand the Peninsular project. 

Firstly two Standard Bearers for my green faced regiment, both Perrys. Flags are hand painted. The standard bearers are both from the set of part painted/nearly finished figures from Tony Runkee

The part painted figures do not include any in waistcoat so to add some variety I have these two, need at least a couple more to flesh out this unit. Civilian Hats to add to the campaign look.
Hessians, I like how these are coming out and I pretty much have enough painted to base up the first two groups of 8. Pompoms unpainted so I can decide which fit together later.
The flags are fabulous hand painted pieces very kindly donated by Shaun Bryant, cheers Shaun.
The quality of these flags is just lush.
Couple of shots with the older phone camera cant decide which I prefer.

On this occasion the older camera seems to have taken a nicer picture, it all depends on the light, its a very bright winters day today so this works, when I tried the same last week in poorer light the newer camera was far superior.
I think the Hessians also look better here. The striped trousers seem to have come out ok so may have a couple more pairs of those mixed in.
The latter part of the week sees another 10 figures for this project which is pretty good going.

Again the majority of these are Tony Runkee part painted. As Tony used colours I might not usually try this provides a nice contrast as with the officers trousers here. The sergeant is a lovely sculpt, the open hand in just the right spot to shove someone back in line by their shoulder. 
Four in overalls with different heads and a mix of trouser colours.
Three with breeches, the middle figure is painted from scratch by me, Tony had not done any of this figure in waistcoat so I intend to paint a few to finish the unit off and mix in. The blanket is a sculpted variation of this figure, I particularly like this Bonnet De Police of the 4 options.
Lastly a Hessian drummer, quite like this figure.
I have also taken the same pictures on the personal mobile, not entirely sure which I prefer.

OK so just a few more Spanish to finish this unit off, the focus will no doubt turn to finishing more Hessians and working through the Paris Municipal Guard.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. The painted flags look amazing. And same with the figures of course. Does the search continue for a larger than Sharp set of rules? Cheers, Chris

    1. It does Chris, couple of options so far.

  2. Those are some flags. Indeed all the figures look grand. Will you get to game with them soon?

  3. Lovely work especially the standards 👍

  4. Some lovely additions Roger and the flags are truly stunning work!

    1. Cheers, they do put the others to shame!