Wednesday 10 May 2023

A Larger Live Free or Die battle AAR

 We have not played AWI for a little while so Steve put on a fairly large game using Live Free or Die rules. Partly I suspect to get his newly painted figures on table (A brigade per side, good going Mr Shann)


The table would be six feet by eight with the British attacking. Steve would command his new brigade of Hessians, I would have two Brigades of British and Chris Charlton would command the four brigades of Patriots/Rebels (delete as appropriate).
Both sides deploy forward and are encouraged to crack on with things. 
The Hessians don't look to have much opposition but there are three more battalions of Continentals coming up from behind. 
In the centre the continentals have three strong battalions flanked by rifle skirmishers on both sides and a pair of guns, a tough nut. On the left is Lees Legion, a quality unit but supported by three battalions of Militia, this is where our bets chance of break through is, but we need to keep the rest busy.
We are very quickly up to effective range, the British are having the better of it to the right and centre right but the rifles and guns make short work of the Loyalist Militia who are quickly driven into retreat.
A swift volley and Grenadeiers charge the continentals to their front. As usually seems to happen to me with these rules, close combat does not go well and the Grenadiers are forced back.
The Light infantry step into the gap left by the Grenadiers and trade more musketry with the continentals as the Kings American Legion trade shots with the rifles and artillery.

The British light bobs and trading short range fire with the rifles as the rest of the brigade advances either side of the farmhouse.
I try a charge again with better results this time with the Lights. The Continental regiment is seen off but the Lights are cut up in the process.
With the lights pursuing what remain of the centre of the American line the grenadiers wheel to add their volley fire in to the retreatigng rifles and open up the flank of the Militia.

On our left the Hessians and Continentals have giving each other a thorough thrashing and both sides have withdrawn to reform, the right hand unit advances to support the American Legion along with its Jeagers.
In the centre the Rebels are being pushed back and the Militia on the right is only being held together by the depleted Lees Legion as the Crown forces push onto their flank.
A birds eye view reveals the Militia return to the fray giving three battalions to take on the guns and rifles on the centre left whilst 6 battalions advance on the remnants of 4 across the rest of our line. On our far right Chris charges Lees legion at the British Battalion facing him looking to draw the British off of his militia.
The remnants of Lees Legion and the British unit continue their mutual destruction until Lees are finally spent. 
Chris reforms a depleted line as the British organise themselves to push on.
Centre left the Hessians, Militia and Legion troops have destroyed the rifles and one gun leaving just a single cannon to face them and opening a gap between the rebel centre and right which remains the strongest position with Fresh troops pushing the Hessians back.
In the centre we are almost set for the final act as the British form to attack the last line of rebels.
Meanwhile the action on our left is hotting up and the Hessians march to attack the fresh Continentals.
After a brief but bloody firefight one unit of Continentals and one Hessian drive each other into retreat leaving one Hessian battalion to face three Continentals. A glimmer of hope for the American forces.
The Militia at the extreme right though are very exposed, an attack on these could see the whole rebel centre rolled up.
The British are in a good position to push on and finish the job but we have run out of time.

So with the centre falling and the left almost gone the Rebels were in a difficult spot whilst on their right they were pushing back the Hessians, all still to play for but on balance we decided the Crown forces had the edge.

A hard fought game swinging back and forth for both sides.


  1. Another fantastic looking game Roger and despite the Hessians suffering from recently painted figure syndrome, I think the Brits did enough to claim a win!

    1. Agreed but a close run thing all the same. Good fun.

  2. With my left flank lost, I’d lost what had been a great game. I very much enjoy these rules. Unless I’m guilty of not reading something properly Roj has missed out the respite I got mid game when the British general was shot from his horse! You need to keep your commanders busy and in the thick of it. Which doesn’t come without perils! Great stuff and a real joy to play with such magnificent miniatures (painted flags!!!). Cheers Chris

    1. Oh I missed that sorry, I did curse a bit when he got shot!

  3. Another great game with these rules. If in doubt charge Roj!!

    1. Hha, it worked at least once out of the 5 or so attempts Steve.

  4. Did you make any modifications to the rules?

    1. We have doubled ranges and movement to accomodate 28mm and remove units when they get to 2 bases, once they are down to half strength we do not allow them to advance. Thats it so far but I expect more amends over time. Charges being very expensive.

  5. A splendid looking and sounding game Roger…

    All the best. Aly

  6. Excellent game and AAR. My club uses "British Grenadier" which has an option for British Regulars to perform a "bayonet charge" (which is a normal charge with a bit more oomph). Having helped with the playtesting of BG, I have been using them since they were released/escaped in 2008 and in all that time have NEVER succeeded in getting a British unit to bayonet charge* so I felt your pain with the repulse of the Grenadiers!!!

    (* This includes failing all ELEVEN attempted charges in a Bunker Hill refight and a Grenadier Battalion actually failing a morale test when asked to charge a militia unit on 3DPs - ie maximum disruption - in the back during a Brandywine refight; which I promptly followed up with the 17th Light Dragoons routing off the table when asked to perform the same feat!)

    1. haha yes I definately feel your pain here. Conversely the cavalry seem to do well, everyone else though ....

  7. Wow, great looking game, impressive pictures!