Wednesday 23 November 2022

Paris Municipal Guard Grenadiers Complete

 The latest formation to be completed, I really like these guys, a bit different to the other stuff I have.

There were 2 Battalions of Paris Municipal Guard, this is the early uniform, one battalion was red faced green the other green faced red as here. They were destroyed or captured at Baylen and later reformed and given white uniforms. The reformed unit also seeing action in Spain, mainly in anti-Guerilla roles.

Its a fairly large formation at 24 representing a very strong company of Grenadiers, the images I have all show the Bearskin on active service for the Grenadiers. They also show the Bearskin for the Voltiguers but I wont be going that far.
I used five different figures for the formation and 9 different heads, if I include the Bonnet De Police, although the Grenadier in sleeved waistcoat only appears once. Whilst the variety of trousers still gives them something of a campaign look the Bearskins make them a little fancier than the other units.

I was keen to have something other than blue or white for my French I think these guys achieve that. 

Hopefully they will make their debut tomorrow night in a Sharp Practice game we have planned at Steves.
The NCO is a drum major with the addition of a bearskin and his staff replaced by a sabre. I like how he looks. You have already seen the mounted officer in an earlier post.
Just the one Bonnet de Police included, I didnt feel the need to add any more of these.

Overall really pleased with how these came out. No doubt abysmal when they get an outing on table in due course.

I will be adding some fusiliers and Voltigeurs to supplement these but probably not many.

Hope you like them too. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Very smart looking fellows. They’ll surely get roughly treated in their debut... Cheers, Chris

  2. These look the business Roger…
    Some Municipal Guard Grenadiers are on my wish list…

    All the best. Aly

  3. Lovely work as always Roger.....I was going to mention, Mr Morrison has also been painting up this unit in his 40mm collection ..... an odd coincidence, seeing it is a rather obscure unit...??!

    1. Great minds…?!

    2. I cant comment for Aly, the idea came to me because the unit is in the Blanford uniform guide and different enough to add something, they also fought at Baylen so useful.

  4. Regarding the hats, you are right, two engravings by Jack Gribal show the voltigeurs wearing Bearskin with green plumes at the bottom and yellow at the top during peninsular war. Regarding the drum major, he is an NCO, he does not wear not the gorget reserved for officers.

    1. Thanks I wonder why he was modelled with this, never mind.

  5. The drum major probably recovered the gorget lost by the Leader for the Paris Municipal Guard.