Tuesday 17 August 2021

Legendary Wargames and Potential Projects

 A busy weekend from a Wargaming perspective. 

The butterfly has been gettign itchy wings again and I have finally caved and got hold of some reference material for a couple of projects I have fancied for quite some time.

This lot came a few weeks ago, I have read Skinners book which is full of really good reference material and scenario ideas. Lakes Campaigns I have brought with me for my week in a cottage in North Wales.

Following on from that and recycling some of the cash I made selling my WW2 20mm desert collection (Most of the foot gone but lots of vehicles to go) I have invested in some more reading material. These all look great with lots of reference material in Talon and Claw for my Great Northern War collection, a bunch more for Wellington and Lake in India and also a couple of great looking books for the Mexican or Maximillian adventure or if you prefer the Frnech intervention in Mexico.

I have picked up some figures for Mexico from various sources to do some paint and figure testing and will share the results with you. The Napoleonic India timeframe I am less well informed on. Of course a great many of my Irregulars for Sikh Wars will translate straight over. My initial interest was sparked by the Perry figures from the Napoleon in Egypt range so hopefully the books will tell me how I can best employ these in India.

On Saturday I popped over to Richard and Andy's Legendary Wargames Cabin in Bronte Country (only half an hour away from me in Bradford)
This was a big refight of Borodino for Jerry Millers delayed 60th birthday, I wasnt intending to play just to catch up with everyone after 18 months of  lockdown and take in the sight of the big game. I have to say that impressive hardly covers it. Below we see Andy on the front table as the French move on to deploy.

There were masses of beautifully painted figures, mainly from the collection of Chris Flowers, these Poles are amongst my favourites.
The rear table is pretty empty as the Russian reserves have yet to arrive and the French are just deploying so have pushed nobody back and broken through no where but as you can see there is 24 feet by 12 feet of gaming table being played on here. Smashing stuff. 
This lovely Russian command vignette is a Chris Flowers peice painted by Jerry Miller.
A glance along the table from the other end reveals long lines of Russian guns facing massed columns of Bonapartes finest.

Built by Jerry specifically for this game the Russian Grand Redoubt is pretty impressive, as is the massive French Column.

I wouldnt want to be in one of those French columns. 

And just starting to arrive on the rear table are a few Russian Cavalry. Cracking figures. Like much of Chris's collection I believe these are from the talented brush of Steve Shann.

I only stayed long enough to say hello, take lots of pictures and pinch a sandwich. A proper sight for sore eyes though this one. Anyone interested in playing at Legendary wargmes should contact Richard and Andy via the website  https://legendarywargames.com/

I think the next game we are planning there is a huge late Roman vs Gemranic tribes game, Should be fun.

There are bound to be more pictures on the website, thanks for reading see you soon and stay safe!


  1. Love the Napoleonic game. A lot of reading material there - must resist going to India at the moment with too many other projects on my workbench.

    1. I know the feelign Paul, but the butterfly......

  2. Plenty to read and a very inspirational game 👍

    1. Despite all the material I do feel more drawn to Mexico Matt.

  3. Good to see new butterfly wings unfurling…!
    Tremendous looking Borodino game. Chris’s collections are truly things to marvel at and this massive game is reported to have played out well

    1. Ah yes, never spen too long in chrysalis

  4. Great looking Napoleonic game! Don't read books- they just inspire you to begin new projects!!

    1. A fair point John, easy to get sucked in once your reading.

  5. Fantastic stuff ... motivational
    What rules were they using by the way ?