Monday 12 April 2021

Sikh Wars Progress Regulars off The Workbench

 I have the bit between my teeth a little at the moment with the Sikh Wars project, seeing some real progress. I reckon I ma about two thirds of the way through this project with very little left to buy for it other than Gurkhas when Empress release them at some point. Of course I may still et carried away and buy more at some point.

Before we look at the units lets start small with this very nice Bhisti, think he came out well. Useful for the baggage train and Sharp Practice. From Foundry's Sikh Wars range.

I also managed a couple of Sikh Irregular cavalry, these two will finish off another unit once based.
Both Foundry figures I particularly like the yellow coated one, the shield on the back of the other chap is a plastic Perry Dahl.
Moving onto the infantry these guys are additions to the 43rd Bengal Native Infantry. As I am not a massive fan of the Studio Miniatures Sepoy figure I have used a number of other figures to add some variety. The standard bearer is Iron Duke and the native officer is a plastic Perry with a head swap. The second from the right also has a head swap improving him somewhat and the Officer, whilst a nicer Studio figure, has had his sabre swapped as the old one was more of bendy knife than a sword.
You can see here the Officer is actually very characterful with the sling nicely modelled and the new sword works much better than the old.
For the Sikhs I am painting the second battalion of a regiment I have had for a while, these studio miniatures figures with topknot are currently the only Sikhs available in this style so nice to have. Nice figures if not much in the way of variety.
I have enough for another two battalions in this style of turban, I may go with a green one next time.

Returning to the sepoys I now have the last of this particular regiment finished, Studio Miniatures with some other characters mixed in. Empress standard bearers and Foundry musicians plus some Perry Plastics.
These three in particular are Perry British Plastic Napoleonics with head swaps, the chap on the left has worked well, the other two slightly less so but they add some variety to the Studio marching chaps.
That finishes another battalion which will give me 3 EIC brigades of 3 battalions each with one Queens and two sepoy battalions leaving 2 more Brigades to complete.
I have also finished off the last of the Sikhs for this battalion. Interesting to see how much larger the new Studio bugler is than the original figure on his left, the standard bearer and drummer are both Foundy and whilst small dont look too bad in the overall unit.
Here is the finished lot taking me to 7 battalions of regular Sikhs, I will look to get another one done fairly shortly so I have two strong brigades each with two regiments of two battalions.
I managed to find 4 Sikh currassier on ebay amongst a lot that also had the kneeling camels I used for Zamberuks, as I only have a small unit of 6 of these currently the extra 4 are ideal to finish the unit off, 3 more to do then! 
And lastly finishing as I started with a Sikh Bhisti, different pallette to the first one, I quite like both of them really.
So thats it on these for now, as mentioned the next unit is likely to be a Sikh Regular battalion to match the white turbaned one I already have and then I may look at the Bengal European Light Infantry.

See you soon, stay safe!


  1. So many splendid figures here to admire...Great job Roger, especially the characterful officier and these gorgeous Sikhs!

  2. Thanks Phil, I really appreciate that

  3. All very nice and looking splendid.

    1. Cheers Paul, another 6 weeks or so and they could be on table!

  4. All very nice Roj. I’m particularly impressed with how the 43rd BNI look. Not many BNI out there in covered shakos. Love the Khalsa in their diddy turbans. Great use of colour!

    1. Cheers Chris, not really my favourite figures but as you say somethign different for both sides and very colourful.

  5. Wow lots of progress on the project....looking good 👍

    1. Cheers Matt its coming along nicely I think

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