Sunday, 31 January 2021

Seelow Heights Scenario Book and Legendary Wargames Article

 Great news for friends of the blog Legendary Wargames and Steve Shann who have their names in lights just now, which is a little ray of sunshine in these difficult times.

Firstly I am delighted to share a little detail of good friend Steve Shann's new book. Encouraged and organised by Steve our little group of gaming chums put on a Seelow Heights game at the Partizan Newark show back in 2013, little did we know at the time that this would become the germination of a plan to create a gamers guide and scenario book around the 2 day battle between the Germans and Russians in 1945.

Here are a couple of links to Steves Nation in arms blog with more background and detail.

Nations In Arms: The Seelow Heights A Wargamer's Guide: A Few Thoughts (


Nations In Arms: The Seelow Heights: Preview Copies. (


Nations In Arms: Seelow Heights at Partizan II (

Steve's book is in the lovely glossy softback with loads of great pictures we have become used to in similar publications. It retails at £18.50 and I understand is available at Caliver Books in the UK. I am sure this will be a roaring success and Steve is already working on another project I hope to share with you soon.

In other news Richard and Andy of Legendary Wargames ( A great Wargaming Holiday retreat in Bronte Country for those not aware) have an article out this weekend (30th January) in the Yorkshire Post. Richard from Legendary Wargames had this to say:

"In this Saturdays Yorkshire Post magazine there will be an article on the ‘ enduring popularity of tabletop Wargames ‘.

It features myself (Legendary Wargames) and also Steve Shann (Wargames enthusiast and figure painter).
I was surprised to be asked to do this feature but also very happy as it shows our hobby is still thriving!"

Well I was almost like a real reporter then, this is brilliant news both for the hobby, the hobby as an industry but in particular three of my long term gaming friends and who would have thought Richard wold be a magazine cover model? Please support Richard, Andy and Steve.

Legendary Wargames can be found here

Steve's blog is here

Very best of luck gentlemen.


  1. The Yorkshire Post article is a really nice advertisement for the hobby generally and for Legendary Wargames in particular ;-)

    1. I thought it was a nicely done piece Chris.

  2. Thank you for your recommendation. I just added Steve's blog to my favourites. I like his House Rules for RF.

    1. Good to know Bartek, we get a lot of nice games at Steves, he is workign on some WWII rules of his own too.

  3. Well done to Steve - sounds like a good project done well.
    Also good to see the hobby in such a positive light in the press. Well deserved all round I'd say.

    1. I was concerned it might be too tongue in cheek but pleasantly surprised at how sympatheticly it has been done.

  4. Nice too see some wider publicity 👍

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