Tuesday 22 September 2020

Latest Workbench

 Slightly different (ish) off the workbench this time. Alongside a couple more Colonials there are some other Horse and musket era figures to share with you and some test figures for the 1745 project too.

These guys are the Spanish Del Rey regiment for the first Carlist War, Curassier with lances! A little job for chum Chris Charlton who converted them from Perry Plastic French Napoleonic Curassier's. 
Chris will add red and yellow lance penants and base them himself, very colourful and unusual looking unit I think.

In other news I am making slow progress on the 1745 project, these Flags of War figures are really lovely. Musketeer of Barrels regiment below.

This guys was needed to finish off a base for a project to re-look at the AWI collection. More on this to come in a future post. I like these northern militia from Perry's.
A bit more progress with the Muslim Hill Tribes. The leader figure is very characterful indeed so I gave him slightly brighter colour clothes, no doubt filched from a raid on a rich merchant at some point, the other two will finish off the gunners for my artillery and Zambureks.

Sorry about the photography but just before posting I got a little more of Barrels Regiment complete. The officer will go on a separate base as a leader figure I think.

So just as a trial run with some different lighting, I borrowed a chums ring light for photography, the above poor photos of the Barrels musketeers made me really think about the photos, the below are some test figures I am working on, the Dragoon horses are not quite complete, but the lighting here really seems to improve the photo's what do you think?

First test figures for the Royal Eccosais too, really looking forward to getting some of these completed. I will share some close ups in the near future.

I am pretty interested after this little experiment in investing is some better lighting so watch this space. An interesting review on Kens Yarkshire Gamer blog. http://yarkshiregamer.blogspot.com/

Just a minor update, more to follow soon I am sure. Thanks for reading.


  1. The new lighting is ace. Thanks for the Isabelino cavalry. As you've seen finished and based. Nice work on the bits n bobs. I'm very excited about the new AWI business and look forward to finding out more

    1. Cheers Chris, AWI post to follow in the coming weeks my friend.

  2. Very nice work Roger. Like the Jacobites a lot. Interesting to see your thoughts on the lights as well.

    1. Cheers Paul, hopefully new lights here this week and I can add some comparison shots for folks. Already added some with the borrowed lighting for a Sikh Wars artillery post coming soon.

  3. A lovely mix of toys as always Roger...
    Cuirassiers with lances... what’s not to like...😁

    All the best. Aly

  4. A very eclectic mix there Roger. I bought those lights on Ken’s recommendation and they really do make a difference.

    1. Thye certainly do Colin, I am findign they work much better with some decent daylight as well though.