Wednesday, 22 January 2020

More From the Workbench

Well distractions from elephants aside I have managed to get a bit more doen that finished off a couple of units for the Sikh Wars project.

These seven guys are the last of the converted Perry Carlist British Legion painted as the Nottinghamshire regiment in covered bell top shako's.
Here is the unit in full ready for basing, this takes my British and HEIC troops to 7 battalions, enough for a game once the basing department finished them off for me.
Two more skirmishers, the first will be the Bengal Europeans, a Foundry figure with the Shako furniture cut down, the other is an Iron Duke Sepoy with a head swapped on from Foundry as the original was a skull cap.
Here are the six Sepoys to make up a small skirmsh screen, I want one of these for each brigade.
And the start of a Bengal European skirmish screen, I will do six of these then if I am happy will do a full battalion as well. They look OK so far.
Having  sold my Studio Miniatures Dragoons I replaced them with the old Foundry ones which I prefer. However the horses are particularly small so I replaced them with Perry British Peninsular light dragoon horses. I like them.
And the same unit here ready to be based. More detail once they are back based and I can do a few different photos of the full unit.
Baggage! As previousley stated I am keen to have a baggage train so here are a couple of camels I am quite pleased with these to add to the Elephant.
Lastly some Scots for the forthcoming 1745 project. Still working on my colour schemes for these guys.
As well as actual Highlanders from Warlord and minor conversions of Ebor WSS I am also looking at some good fit Militia figures from Perry that I can use as Loyalist militia and Jacobite Lowlanders.
I do like these figures in particular, the Officer looks the mtts nuts.
The Ebor marching figure is also great and the spare head from Flags of War (second in from left) is really nice. I enjoyed painting the bagpiper too.
I am really excited to get my Kickstarter from Flags of War in a few weeks they look awesome. In the meantime I hope to have soem of these based up and share with you what I am planning for the whole basing peice to make best use of the figures.

See you soon.


  1. Nice Roj. I'm especially impressed with the Nottinghamshire Rgt. Great work mate. Cheers, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris, I am really pleased with how they came out, a brilliant ebay find with the shako's already converted.

  2. Very nice work. Like the camels a lot. What is the figure on the left in the last photo doing - the "mashed potato" dance?

    1. Ha, hes ina blues brothers tribute band Paul. Standard bearer, will look slightlyless rediculous doign the mash potoatoe with a flag in his hands.

  3. Replies
    1. He certainly is, but now I cant get the mashed potatoe image out of my head.