Friday, 30 August 2019

Generals and Other Useful Stuff

As well as wanting to get a few more units finished I was also very conscious that I was short of a few other bits, particularly Generals.

You have seen the extra Polish Commander completed with the Pancerni but here he is again anyway, I was keen to get a couple more over the line.
This model I think is ideal for the Swedish overall commander, so I made it a two figure base.
Mountains of gold lace really sets him off and I used a gold paint I have to mix from powder and cant varnish to make sure I got a really good metalic shine on it.
I am happy with the end result.

This Saxon General is a generic Ebor figure ona horse I pinched from another range, again very pleased with how this figure came out.
A simple paint job it took me less than an hour to get this general sorted from start to finish.

We have also started using tatty flags as disorder markers, Mark has made a bunch of these but this is my first one, made from a left over Horse Guards flag.
Lastly a Russian gun and crew to support the Russian Brigade of foot. I particularly wanted this to support my Russian and Cossack foot for the game.
The gun and gunner are both plastic Warlord figures and look quite nice, the two matrosses are Foundry and still look nice despite how old the sculpts are now.
Jus a battalion of foot to paint and the Russians are done.
All of these will be exceptionally useful for the forthcomign game, keep an eye out for details.


  1. Lovely units Roger, wonderful artillery!

  2. Wonderful stuff. Each base a mini vignette!

  3. Great stuff. Love the Gold on your Swedish commander

    1. I dont know what its called unfortunately but introduced to it years ago, a bit of a faff so I dont use it alot but very effective.

  4. Great work Roj. I love the colourful nature of your GNW collection

    1. Thanks Chris, and the Poles actually fight quite well too when your commanding them!

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers Paul, hope to get around to the write up for the game soon.